great second book!

Immortal Moon (Paranorm World Series Book 2) - June Stevens, June Stevens Westerfield Voodoo Moon: A Moon Sisters Novel - June     Stevens, D.J. Westerfield
My apologies to the author for the late posting of this review!
Anya has a rule- she does not date vampires. But after she had what she had with Jarrett 6 months ago, she realizes she hasn't dated anyone. When Jarrett is in town for two weeks, she takes advantage of what he offers. Anya pushes ALL of Jarrett's buttons, in ways he never imagined they needed pushing by any woman, norm or para. When a past case comes back to life, in more ways than one, Jarrett must make the ultimate sacrifice.
This is book two in the Paranorm World series. You really should read book one, Voodoo Moon, before this one.
Here's why.
Voodoo Moon got 5 stars from me, primarily because of the world building in that book. It was brilliant, little hints and snippets that took some time to come together, but when they do, it's fabulous. There is none, well, almost none of that here. You get some, just not enough (in my opinion) to give you the full picture, the complete picture of this world, post The 2012 Cataclysm. So that's what I knocked off half a star.
The other half I knocked off was the ending!! I'm not going to go into details, because that will spoil it for you, but I mean, it was proper chuck-your-kindle-at-the-wall, spit-your-dummy-out, tantrum-inducing ending! AND I did not see it coming! Which is a good thing. Had I seen it creeping up on me, it would not have had the same impact.
The story itself is very well written, from both Anya and Jarrett's point of view. Slightly different, in that Anya has her say in the first person, and Jarrett's voice is in the third.
So tell me, please, Ms Stevens, do we get more of Anya and Jarrett in another book?? Because I need to know, you know?? I NEEEEEEEED (long emphasis on the E) to know!!!
4 stars.
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