these get better and better!

HIS Return (Hamilton Investigation & Security: HIS Series Book 3) - CT Cover Creations, Eric Battershell, Sheila Kell HIS Desire: An H.I.S. Novel (H.I.S. series Book 1) - Sheila Kell
Personal review, I was gifted my copy of this book direct from the author. I thank Ms Kell for that!
This is book three in the HIS Security series, and while it helps to have read HIS Desire (Jesse and Kate) and HIS Choice (AJ and Megan) it’s not really necessary. It will just give you a better understanding of how the Hamilton family work, and of those characters coming together. Because, they play a huge part here and that is part of the reason I love these books so much; previous characters play major roles in the subsequent books.
AND Ms Kell’s skill is growing, and it shows, MASSIVELY here.
This is Jake Cavanaugh and Emily Hamilton’s story. Emily is the only sister to the Hamilton brothers and Jake was bought up as a Hamilton from the age Emily was 6. She loved him, from that very early age but he refused to acknowledge her growing up. The day she hit 18, Emily pounced. The following morning was the worst in both Jake and Emily’s life, and they both ran. Jake into the FBI’s service, and Emily to New York. 4 years later and Emily discovers a scheme that could cost her the only person she loved more than Jake.
I cannot express how much I loved this book. 2 hours and 20 minutes it took me, read it in one sitting, and without moving once I started. The cat was not best pleased with me, I tell ya!!
Ms Kell is growing, in both skill and imagination. Some I knew, having picked it up from previous books, and some I didn’t. It takes time to put these such complicated and emotional stories together, and while it means waiting for longer than I would like, it also means I get a much better story, written better, and executed better. It lays down, I thought, at least one brother’s story. I maybe wrong, but I can’t wait to find out.
It is, as I said, emotional in places, and I cried. When Jake is rescued, when he meets Emily again for the first time in four years and in other places too, but telling you when would be spoilers. And I hate spoilers in reviews. So while this review is vague in the story line, I hope it expresses how much I loved it.
I can’t wait for whichever brother comes next, Matt, Devon, or Brad (grumpy as he is in this book!) or even…..nah, spoilers! Bravo Ms Kell, for such an amazing read.
5 full and shiny stars