bloody freaking amazin!

Jack of Thorns (Inheritance) (Volume 1) - Amelia Faulkner
I was gifted my copy of this book, direct from the author, and I so thank Ms Faulkner for that gift!!
I sat down to read a couple of chapters of this book, before I had to do the boring stuff that gets in the way of reading, you know the stuff, chores, laundry, the bloody dayjob. I sat down at 9am.....
....til 12.20pm, book finished, my throwing a strop because I also have book two to read and that bloody dayjob had a time stamp I needed to meet!! I literally lost myself in Faulkner's world, in the world of Laurence and Quentin.
I freaking loved this book!!
Laurence knows what he is, a drug addict, and he is trying, he really is. He works with his mum, and uses his power to grow the plants and flowers they sell. His mother has power too, she sees flashes of the future.
Quentin is, quite possibly, the most unique character I have EVER come across. He is just , OH!! He's just Quentin. We don't get his full story right away, and I'm sure there is much more to come that is much more painful to read, than we have already. I look forward to getting more into Quentin's mind, and what makes him tick. He is such a joy to read, even if a little...quirky!
What I was particularly impressed with was the totally and utterly brilliant way Faulkner defined each character. They have, quite obviously, been brought up in different cultures, worlds, classes and teachings. And those differences come across, not only in their speech, but their narration, their thinking, and their parts to this story. Extremely well done.
I can't go too much into the plot line, because that will give too much away, and I do so hate spoilers in reviews! Just read it, you'll love it.
Drug abuse is described in some detail, Laurence is fighting his addicting all the way through. (This is my only reason for filing it on the over 18 shelf) And it does get a little messy when Jack and his plant are being dealt with. It is very low on steam. But I'm wondering if that might increase in future books. Quentin has much to learn about the art of dating, and all that entails, I just hope he can keep....oh, no, can't go there! Sorry!! Spoilers! *he he he*
I loved that you don't get the whole picture straight away. The world Laurence and Quentin live in, their stories and history. You get just enough to keep you going, plotting and planning, and then something else gets thrown at you, and you start again, plotting and planning, AND THEN SOMETHING ELSE... and you get the picture.
I will also say this. I am, at heart, a speed reader. I skim a lot. When a book makes me slow down and HAVE to read every word, that is always ALWAYS a good thing.
I read Laurence and Quentin's story in 3 and a half hours. pages in one single sitting, with out moving a inch. And because I did, it can only get...
5 full stars
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