gotta be careful of those ghosts, they can be deadly!

Spindrift - Amy Rae Durreson
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Sion went to recuperate after his suicide attempt. He never expected to be visited by the ghost of a dead villager, nor to fall in love with the young man who is his descendant. Mattie is home for the summer, and when HE sees the ghosts too, a long held curse comes to mind, and the two men wonder who will be the next victim of the ghosts.
Firstly, an apology. My keyboard won't type the correct spelling of Sion, so this review will have the wrong spelling throughout. It probably does, but I just don't know how to do it.
I loved this book, I really did. You don't get all of Sion's history in one go, or why he jumped off that bridges all those months ago. You don't get what Mattie had to deal with at university and how he felt about that. It creeps up on you, kinda like those ghosts, and it makes you shiver just typing about them!
You don't get the full story of Matthew, and Joshua, and what happened all those years ago, to cause two men to lose their lives off that cliff. Not all in one go, anyway, and I loved being made to wait for the full history to come to light. I loved that I did not see which ghost was the most dangerous, til it was revealed in the book, and I loved that maybe, just maybe, there won't be any more deaths.
One thing stopped it getting 5 stars. Just one. Single Person Point Of View! OH how I wanted, no, NEEDED to hear from Mattie! I really did. It would have finished this book with those 5 full and slightly seaweed smelling stars but It won't get them, because only Sion has a say. And I know I say it all the time, but thats the whole point of a review, its MY opinion, and MY opinion is, I NEEDED to hear what Mattie was thinking, when he met Sion, when he first en-counted the ghosts, when Sion told him why he was there, lots of keys points along the way I NEEDED Mattie.
Although the bay where the book is set does not exist, the book does visit real places along the Yorkshire coast. Places I've really been to, and spent time in, and I loved that. And I walked those steps up to the Abbey in Whitby, and it does take a hell of a lot longer to go up than it does down! I loved that I could really relate, and see these places in my mind, and through the eyes of Sion, just because I have been there.
First I have read of this author, and I would like to read more.
4 solid stars
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