loved this!

City of Hope and Ruin - Kit  Campbell, Siri Paulson
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
I'm having trouble writing my own blurby bit for this, its not making sense or giving too much away, so I'm jumping straight in to my review.
I am, for the most part, NOT a young adult reader. Had this book come with that tag, I will have undoubtedly said no thank you. But it didn't, and I am so glad of that fact! And I'm classing it as upper young adult, 15 plus. I'd let my 15 year old daughter read this. There is some swearing but nothing she won't have heard or even used before, and some violence, fighting the monsters and the Scarred but not too much. Almost clean too.
Because, I really REALLY enjoyed this! It surprised me and I don't know WHY it did, bit it did. The blurb makes you think of one thing, and the book goes a different way to what I expected, so maybe that's why, but I'm not feeling like it's that. I'm waffling, I know!
Sorry! Okay, so! Theo is in The City, and Briony, ...not, for wont of a better word. They make contact, across the plains between the two places and a string of events cause the two girls to actually meet. Briony is trying to save her world from the Scarred and Theo from The Monsters. But it appears both these creatures may be descended from the Old Ones, who built The City, who caused all the destruction in the first place.
It's written by two authors, and I did wonder how the work was split. After reading, I'm left thinking this. One author wrote for each girl. Because they are very different. Each girl (I keep calling them girls, but they aren't really, I just don't think ladies fits!) has a distinct speech pattern, thoughts and words used, they are very clearly different people, bought up in very different ways. And I loved that they were, but as soon as they met, that first time across the plains, the connection was instant and powerful.
It's very well written, I saw no spellings or editing errors. Both girls have their say. As I said, some swearing and fighting, so upper young adult, but regardless of that fact... I DID enjoy it!
It says it's A Fractured World Novel. Now, some searching has led me to think this is the FIRST Fractured World novel, unless the other books are not tagged as such, or I'm just rubbish at searching, either way, I would like to read more. Much more. Both of Theo and Briony, and of any others who popped up in this story, or new ones in future books.
Thank you, for NOT tagging this as young adult. It doesn't say it on Amazon, I'm just reading it as such but still.....
4 stars
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