not one for me, but I did finish it.

Adieu Warm Sunshine - C. E. Case

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Pamela is "just a dancer" standing at the stage door, with no autographs to sign. When a big black car pulls up, Pamela is drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. Sunny takes Pamela to bed and they have a night of something that affects them both, deeply. But Pamela disappears and there is more to it both Pamela and Sunny than either of them knew.

Ok. so. I finished it, which is a really good thing because at points I was so confused I wanted to give it up. Many points. But something kept me going and that something, whatever it was, is why I finished it and why it gets the rating it does.

That and the fact that we here from everyone. Pamela, Sunny, Vash (Sunny's police partner) and Angela (Pamela's arch enemy at the show).

The story itself is complicated, and if you don't (like I obviously didn't) pick up the clues straight away, much will be lost. I had to go back a couple of times, to see if I'd missed anything, but actually, my speed reading wasn't to blame here. Whatever I went to look for, simply wasn't here.

It carries some darker undertones: child porn, drug running and the like, but that's only mentioned when discussing what had happened to Pamela and what she had done. Not described in any detail. Sunny's true career is not made clear til the very end, and a couple of times I was in two minds about what she really did. Pamela's crimes were equally not made clear, but again, maybe I just didn't put the clues together quick enough.

Sorry, but not one for me. However, because of the multi POV and the fact that I DID finish it...

3 stars

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