nice easy read.

Healing Her Cowboy - Molly Ann Wishlade
Independent review for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Summer returns home to Moon Glow ranch, after dumping her cheating boyfriend and quitting her job. She's not telling them everything though, not just yet. Barrett has been friends with Summer and her brothers forever. He has had to give up the rodeo, for fear one more fall will kill him. Summer wouldn't want him, if he can't want himself, could she?
Nice easy read, nothing too complicated or difficult, not too sexy, but just enough for this short of 50 odd pages.
Both Barrett and Summer get a say, and they have a lot to say in a short space of time. The whole story takes place over couple of days, bar the cute epilogue. You get enough of them both, to fill the blanks that aren't given directly.
I'm giving it three stars, but that's a good three. Short easy reads rarely get more than that from me.
A perfect holiday read, bath tub read, lunch break read, or one of those you need to clear the palatte after a heavier book, a hangover cure.
3 solid, good stars
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