i liked this! a lot!

Hunt Her (Vamp Hunters Book 1) - Elle Q. Sabine
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
I'm not writing a blurby bit, jumping straight in with my review, mostly because I can't word in correctly.
Valor finds his vamp, his mate and visits her in her dreams, just after her 18th birthday, he loses her. Ten years later, they reconnect and Valor will not wait to make Meghan his, to claim her. He just needs to make Meghan aware of who, and what, he and his people are.
I liked this, a lot, a lot a lot!
There is a lot of Irish folklore, Irish words are used by the men affected by the vampire gene, an antidote to a virus that plagued their world. That forced the men to leave their world and look across the astral plain to Earth, across the Sidhe, for their mates, their Vamps. And I loved that's its different, because different always works well with me.
AND! So does being proven wrong! Meghan's trauma, just after her 18th birthday ten years ago, was bad, so bad that she left her home and was using medication to sleep for all that time. What I was wrong about was the nature of that trauma. You don't get it all in one go, you get hints and clues as to what it was, and the fall out to that trauma. And just when you think you have got it, something throws a spanner in the works and its all up in the air again! LOVED that!
The reason it gets 4 stars and not 5 is this: I got to about 25% before I started to enjoy it. Valor is a little. . . . . in-yer-face.....in the beginning and I didn't like him much! But Meghan softens him, and he grows on you. But that's all, its just a slow burner, cos after that point, I loved it!
Its billed as book one in The Vamp Hunters series. I really want to read more. I want to know about General Enna's mate, carted in to save the others, as she was. About what Atlas is off to to. And Meghan's brother needs a story, but I *think* I saw hints of that one here. First I've read of this author, and my wish list is now several books longer. 4 solid stars. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**