super hot read, I loved this!

Three Wishes - Sean Michael
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Damien, James and Guard run a business that caters to your every fantasy. It will cost you a pretty penny but will be worth it. It's just a shame they can't sort out their own relationship as well as they can run their business.
Oh I LOVED this!! Its like 4 short stories all in one. And only ONE thing stops it from getting 5 stars but more on that in a moment.
Benji is tired of being perfect and wants his body to be his own again. Modeling is good pay, but deep down Benji doesn't want to be in it anymore more. Getting his body marked in ways that will not work in the industry is a perfect way to get fired! Thor is a master at his craft, tattoos and piercings. And a Dom. When he finds Benji waiting for him, on that island, Thor knows that this will be so much more fun than he thought, and Benji will be PERFECT, after he is done, both in Benji's goal and in Thor's heart. My favourite couple, mostly because we spend the whole week with Ben and Thor. And because neither knew exactly what they were walking into!
Roman and Alan are in a committed long term D/s relationship. But Roman treats Alan to a week of Doms who can provide Alan what he cannot. Alan has a powerful reaction to one of the Doms, and Roman uses the safeword to release Alan and find out just what is going on. A nice couple, Roman needs to gives his sub what he can't but is always present with Alan during every scene. We only get a couple of days with them, we get his knife play and his flogging. We didn't get his breath play or the last day, and I wanted those.
Quinn want to be examined and abused by a doctor. Pierce turns to be his doctor for the week. But Quinn and Pierce are in a relationship and Quinn can't tell Pierce what he really wants, especially as Pierce really is a doctor. My least favourite paring, mostly because of the fantasy itself. Its a little off my radar, that one. But I did love the way Quinn and Pierce work it all out, and how they discover something brand new to the both.
The reason I can't give it 5 stars is this: James, Damien and Guard. I want more! I am, I know I am insanely greedy when it comes to my reading and I ALWAYS want more. But so much is missing here! Their history is not fully explained, nor are their feeling for each other, other than Guard and Damien want James back in their bed, and James is pushing them away because his legs no longer work. And that is also frustrating! You get hints and snippets as to what happen, so long ago, in the accident that each man blames himself for, and while its beginning to come together, the picture is not complete.
This is billed as book one, book two, Three More Wishes, is on my wish list already. I just hope we get more of that picture, and that James gives in to what he really wants. I will not be a happie chappie if I don't get what I want!
4 stars
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