too cute for its own good!

Learning To Love Cats - K.M. Mahoney
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Mike doesn't much care for animals, cats especially, but a visit to the vets with his nephew bring him in direct contact with the most delicious man he has ever met. Riley is a vet, and he breeds cats. If Riley and Mike are to get on, Mike is gonna have to get over his dislike of cats, rather rapidly!
You know sometimes, when you've had a run of so-so and fairly average reads, and you just need something to sink into, to lose yourself for an hour to get over all those other books??
THIS BOOK, right here.
I want to make a new shelf, just for this book! its title?? too stinking cute! Because, that's what it really is, far too stinking cute and people need to write more of this kinda books, they really do. OH I KNOW they are out there, but I don't come across them very often.
It's well written, from both Riley's and Mike's POV. Its funny, its sexy and its ....nope...gotta say it and I'm sorry! But it bloody well is too cute.
I was gonna give it four stars, that was my first and foremost feeling when I finished it, and I usually run with those, but while writing the review I thought, why?? you loved it, you enjoyed it, it made you chuckle, it made you want to read more by this author, so why only 4??
I know this is short, but I will start repeating and I don't want to appear totally nuts!
So, for this very short, very cute, very funny book (because I LOVED that last bit at the end!!)
5 full and shiny stars.
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