a fitting end, I was kept guessing!

Damnation's Door - Amy Braun Demon's Daughter - Amy Braun Dark Divinity: A Cursed Book - Amy Braun
independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Again, I stress, read books one, Demon's Daughter and two, Dark Divinity before reading this one. You really do need it!
Now that Heaven's Gate is closed, Lucifer grows stronger and the devastation he is causing grows greater by the day. Connie, Dro, Max, Warrick and Sephiel continue to figure out what they need to do to close Hell's Gate. And the answer is something none of them expected. Help does, however, come from a few unexpected sources.
Although this rounds the trilogy off and it ends perfectly, this book is my least favourite, and its again because of the very detailed and long descriptions of Connie fighting. Demons, Angels, her sister, all of them come in great detail and I found myself glancing over them and skipping those scenes. They really were too much.
I didn't see how it was going to play out, until the very end when it did, and that was a good thing. I really wasn't sure if Dro was actually going to go the way she did, or go the opposite way. (trying really hard not to give anything away!)
Connie alone has her say during these three books; it didn't bother me so much in book one, but as the series moved on, I noticed it more. I know I say it often enough, and I will continue to say it, but I do prefer multi POV books. Maybe if Dro had a say from time to time, instead of all the fighting, I might have enjoyed the second two books more.
Because again, of the fighting, BUT also because I was kept guessing...
3 stars
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