far deadlier than book one.

Dark Divinity: A Cursed Book - Amy Braun Demon's Daughter - Amy Braun
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
This is book two, and I would STRONGLY recommend you read Demon's Daughter first. It will give you a better picture of what Connie and Dro went through to get to this point.
With both gates now open, Earth is at war with itself. Half the world is praying for redemption and half is doing just as it pleases, and its going to, quoting the book, Hell in a hand basket. The only way to save the world is to close the gates, with Heaven's gate being the priority. But that will mean all the angels on earth, currently fighting the demons let loose by their gate opening, will be stranded and they will have no way to return. They will become mortal and will, eventually, die on earth.
Its far darker than book one, and so much more bloodier. I said in my review for book one, that I didn't mind the fighting so much, but this book seems to be ALL fighting. Con and Dro, and the other fighting the demons, fighting the angels in places too. It was, for me, too much, hence the star drop. Still rather clean, but Con and Warrick do (eventually!) get their act together and give in to their feelings for each other.
Dro comes face to face with her father again, and it surprises him, how much her power has grown. She still isn't able to defeat him, not yet, but time will tell on that one. Connie comes face to face with two of her nightmares: Mateo, whom she thought she loved, while working for the cartels, and who betrayed her and Drake, the bounty hunter sent by the cartels to bring Con in. Both these men stand side by side with Lucifer.
The angels stranded on earth are also after Dro, because Michael wants Dro gone, the abomination that she is. But Gabriel has a change of heart, and realises that, while born of Lucifer, her heart is that of her mother, an angel kidnapped long ago and is pure.
I'm still not sure how this is all gonna play out, and it is keeping me on my toes. But thats a good thing!
so, because there is so much more violence than book one,
3 stars
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