interesting start.

Demon's Daughter - Amy Braun
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I was gifted my copy of this book.
Connie has been running with her sister for ages, From law enforcement agencies, from the drug cartels and from the red demons who appear all over. But she needs help now to find out what Andromeda really is, because with her growing powers, its clear she is not fully human.
Dark and so deliciously deadly! I really enjoyed this!
Constance found, quite literally, Dro as a baby and her family adopted her. As she grew, Dro developed powers and it became clear she was not of this world. After a massacre in their home town, Connie took Dro and ran across the border to try to find her father's people. That didn't turn out so well. Connie and Dro have been running for so long but now, with Dro's powers growing, and her inability to control some of them, especially while she sleeps, its painfully obvious to Connie that she needs help. To find out who Dro really is, and to help her control the fire.
What they find, with Max and Manny and a pair of angels, is that Dro is much more powerful and much more deadly than any of them realised. She is the key to open the gates to both Heaven AND Hell, and if Lucifer gets his way, and the gates are opened, no one is safe.
It is just single person POV, with only Connie having her say but I didn't mind it too much here.
It is quite violent, graphically so and I did enjoy it, which surprised me. Sometimes I don't like to read such detailed fighting descriptions, but I did enjoy it here. It is clean, but Connie and Warrick, the demon slayer who joins their little group, have something brewing and I hope we get that in Dark Divinity, book two, which I have to read next.
4 stars
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