love love LOVED this book!

A Heart's Desire - Kris Michaels
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
When Agent Steele McKenzie takes over the task force to find an escaped killer, Miller, he never thought he would lose his heart in the process of catching a killer. But the killer's last attempted murder victim, Liam Mercier brings out feelings in Steele he never thought he would have. Liam, however, is forced to relive the torture at the hands of Miller, knowing to catch the madman, he is going to have to face his worst nightmares all over again. He just hopes Steele has his back, unlike his last boss.
I love it when a book makes me slow down and READ! I skim, at the best of times, and consequently, sometimes I miss things. So when I am FORCED by a book to slow down and pay attention, I love it.
And this book did just that.
It starts kinda slow, but builds really quickly, and then it flies! Its bloody and dark and so very twisted in places, but equally, it has love and for Liam, a light at the end of that 5 year tunnel that kept him locked in his own house.
Steele is hit, almost immediately, by feelings for Liam he should not have, but neither can deny. Liam needs Steele and his strength, his warmth, because the man cannot ever get warm any more. He needs Steele to hold him up when he can feel himself being pulled deep down into the place he doesn't want to go. He needs Steele's love to see him through.. . . . well, to see him though. But also, Steele needs Liam, and not just to catch the killer. He needs Liam's mind. He really really needs Liam's soul to join with his.
The physical relationship between Steele and Liam builds well, and is delivered on all levels. The case is also well built and is executed exceptionally well. You don't get it all, you get hints about it, teasers, just enough to keep you going. You KNOW that Miller is doing the murders, and that Miller will come after Liam, its just a matter of time, and whether Steele can get there in time.
Both Liam and Steele get a say and I loved that they did. We get Steele immediate reaction to Liam, and we get into Liam's minds at all the critical points along the way. It makes for difficult reading, what Liam suffered at the hands of Miller. Emotionally difficult and some readers may not like that we get it all. But I did. Even if it made me cringe.
OH! And Phil. Phil needs a mention! I loved that the cat was not at all taken with Steele in the beginning but after he brings Liam home, the cat loves Steele, mostly :-)
I loved the other members of the team, and the role they all played in bringing Miller in. I wonder if this is the first in a series? Because there are at least TWO characters whose stories I need to read, so I really hope so! I will be reading them if there are!
I cannot, in all honesty, give this anything other than...
5 stars
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