fabulous little bundle.

Naughty Heatwave: Turn Up The Heat - Frances Stockton, Tamara McHatton, Suz deMello, Alexa Silver, Nicole Austin, Berengaria Brown, Francesca Hawley, Marianne Stephens, Katherine Kingston, Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
I really do enjoy these naughty box sets, they have some surprisingly good tales!
We have a wide range here, some more explicit than others, but that is always the case with these box sets: different authors take their interpretation of the theme and run with their own ideas. We Have BBW, BDSM, Contemporary, Fantasy, Lesbian, MMF, Menage, Paranormal and Speculative fiction covered in ten short stories.
The longest took me an hour to read, that shortest just 30 minutes. Each story is complete, and has its own happy ever after.
There wasn't any single one that stood out, and there was one or two who's author's work I might not follow, but I certainly will others. I think I've only read all of these authors in these box sets.
Short, sweet and sexy. With no one stand out for good OR bad reasons, I rate the whole set an overall....
4 stars
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