very surprising read for me!

Body Heat (Volume 1) - Madeline Parr


Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Ivy has been alone for 5 years. She takes the step to finding some no strings fun, on her terms only, by venturing into her sister's club. Max is after the same thing, some fun. But Ivy and Max have chemistry that ignites something in both of them that neither saw coming.
This book is cute. Real cute. Hot and sex, short and sweet.
You don't get Ivy's full history, what she's afraid of, til near the end. And I did not see that one coming! Not a clue! Max and Ivy's passion is immediate, hot and heavy, and I loved the way Max let Ivy take charge of it all. When Ivy told Max about a certain something, something that she is afraid of happening, and Max is just...And?? your point being?? .. that it didn't bother him, quite the opposite, even?? loved that!
But what surprised me the most about this book, was that I even finished it, that I liked it at all!
Here's why.
First person, present tense, multi POV has to be my worst nightmare when it comes to how a book is written. I don't know why, I've just never liked books written that way and when I come across them, I will almost ALWAYS dump them.
But I really enjoyed this!
And I can't pinpoint what made me keep reading when I realised it was written this way, I really can't.
So, for all the books I've dumped just because they were first person present tense, I'm sorry. I will try harder to read books like this in future.
Its the first of this author I've read, and the first in this series. I'd like to read more books as they come along.
4 solid stars.
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