awesome little tale, outstanding narration!

Romanus - Mary Calmes
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO file of this book.
Mason discovers a naked old man wandering the roads and takes him home. MAson then finds himself in the middle of the stuff of nightmares.
This is an audio review, and I find I cannot split the book from the narration if the book is in first person. So it'll all run into one bit puddle :-)
Greg Tremblay narrates. The man is AWESOME!! I thought, worried, actually, I might get shades of Cole McGinnis (The Dirty Series, by Rhys Ford) bleeding through, since I'm listening to this on the back of those, but I need not have worried. Tremblay is a MASTER at his craft and his work shines.
I loved Mason, ans his brief history we get here. I loved his reaction to the group of people he meets taking the old man home. And I loved his reaction to Luc and what Luc tells him. He is Romanus, long fabled about in Luc's and now Mason's people, but few are found.
Luc is a Gargoyle and I love Gargoyle stories, we get so few of them! Luc's voice here is only when he speaks though, and Tremblay nails that one, I tell ya! But because he doesn't get a say, for that Ms Calmes, I am not happy. Short as it is, had Luc had a say, I have no doubt that this would be a five star across the board.
BUT! I have discovered, since finishing, that there is a second book about Mason and Luc and I wish to listen to it too. However, its not out in audio yet, so I'm gonna have to wait! I don't liked to mix and match between reading and listening in the same series.
so, ONLY because its single POV and we don't get Luc,
4.5 stars for the book
5 stars for the narration
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