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Bones Bundle (Dreamspinner Press Bundles) - Kim Fielding
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Two years ago, Dylan was bitten by a one night stand and now, every 28 days, he locks himself in a steel cage so he doesn't hurt anyone. But he can't go on like this, and moves almost to the middle of nowhere and lets his wolf run free. Chris lives next door. These are their stories.
Or rather, books one and two are Dylan and Chris; book three is a little crossover short from another series and book four is about Dylan's friend Ery.
I liked this set, regardless of that. I loved the interaction between Dylan and Chris, they were proper cute together. Funny too. And after Chris finds out Dylan issue, the wolf jokes are great! Dylan and his brother Nick are funny too, with lots of silly nicknames for each other.
Book one, Good Bones, is written entirely from Dylan's POV, but we do get some Chris in book two, Buried Bones. Book three, The Gig, is written from Travis' POV and is about his and Drew's meeting with Dylan and Chris. And book four, Bone Dry, is about Ery, Dylan's friend, and Karl, who lives in Dylan's pond.
They are all very well written, and well delivered. I'm left intrigued by Travis and Drew and their story and want to go and read their series of books.
Not overly explicit, just the right amount of sex and steam for these books, and it does get a little gory in places, especially when Dylan is wolf. I loved that there were two distinct halves to him.
Good Bones and Dry Bones are my two favourites.
4 solid stars across the set.
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