really REALLY good read.

Prince Of The Sea - Jon Michaelsen
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Jonathan plans a romantic break with Paul, only to find Paul not coming. So Jonathon travels alone to the place he grew up in, and immerses himself in his memories. When he meets the handsome stranger on the shore, Jonathon is pulled into a world he knew nothing about. A world that cannot be exposed. A world that might mean Jonathon never sees his friend again. Darker forces are at work, though; forces that wish harm to the stranger's kind.
I haven't read many mer-people books, and its always nice to read something different. And this is different.
And it was good! Its written slightly differently. We get Jonathan, in the third person, and they we get some of those darker forces, and I was hoping we'd get the stranger too, which would have rounded it all off nicely, but we don't and this is why I can't stretch to 5 stars. This reason alone.
Its almost clean too, which, strangely for me, I really enjoyed! I do like a bit of sizzle and steam, and there isn't really any here. Passion and love, yes, but none of the sex. I really REALLY enjoyed that! Just goes to show, just because you love something in one book, you might not in another. And vice versa.
A very well written, well delivered, different story. I would like to read more by this author, and even better, if there is a follow on to this story.
I've tried to keep very vague so as not to give too much away. But this is a really good book! 4 stars
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