awesome 5 star start!

Rebel - Rhys Ford
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. 3 years after a devastating break up, Gus discovers he is a father, and returns home from his running. He can't keep running and fight for his son at the same time. But returning home means he will have to face Rey, the only man to ever hold his heart. Facing Rey means he will have to face his feelings for the man, and when things get scary, Rey is who Gus turns to. I love Rhys Ford's work, you know I do, and this, the first in a new series, is no exception! I am going to be vague about some things, here, because, spoilers and all that, so bare with me, OK?? What I particularly loved about this book was there was no break up between the guys, they had that already, devastating to them both it was. They both have painful history, and I mean painful! But they get their act together, and pull together to see through that history, the reason Rey pushed Gus away, why Gus let him, is heartbreaking to read, had me sobbing my little heart out in places! But the joy they find in each other is amazing, even though it takes them waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to finally, FINALLY get down n dirty. Or that's what I thought, it was too long before they get their sexy on. But now I'm typing my review up, this book is not about the sex between these two guys, it's about the LOVE. Cos these guys DO love each other, still, even after 3 years. It's about getting past the chains of your history, and releasing the pieces of those chains into the wind, so you can finally and totally, be happy with, not only your partner, but with yourself. I sat down to read a few chapters before bed, and the next thing I know, I've bawled my eyes, swore so loudly at certain characters, I disturbed not only the cat, but the child in the next room too, and its midnight, and I have no book left! So, yeah, awesome read! This book is based around the 5 brothers of 415 Ink, and I cannot wait to read the other tales these guys have to tell. I'd love to know how the name came about for the tattoo shop, too. OH!!! Smooth cameos appearances and mentions from a huge variety of Ford's characters and some nods to characters who terrorize their authors too. Smooth, really smooth! I had to double back, and reread bits where they popped up! LOVED that! When a books pulls you in, so totally, painfully and emotionally devastatingly well, it can only get... 5 full stars, tattooed with a different point for each brother. **same worded review will appear elsewhere** 1 like