awesome 5 star start!

Choose Me - Donya Lynne, Reese Dante, Laura LaTulipe
This is book ONE in the Banger trilogy, which was previously released as 7 part books. I was going to buy them, all 7 books, once they were all out, but life got in the way and I totally forgot about getting. Until I saw they were being rebranded and rereleased as a trilogy. They were released on Jan 1st 2018 and I purchased all three in one. And let me ya!! You NEED all three before you start!! Seriosuly, DO NOT attempt these books til you have all three (book one is currently free Jan 6th 2018) Because this will GRAB you and not let you go! Took me about 90 minutes, to read all 233 pages and I did not move for those 90 minutes! And you know what?? I did not notice, it did not even occur to me til I was over half way through about something about the way this book is written First Person Mutli Point of View AND! Present Tense! So there I was, merrily reading away, about Katherine and her hunt, about Greyson and his personal affliction and about them doing naughty unexpected things to each other and it hits me! Like a freaking sledgehammer to the face! It hit me that this book, that grabbed me so well, is writen in the PRESENT FLIPPING TENSE! For me to get way past half way, for that penny to drop, just shows you how engaging I found Katherine and Greyson. It is explicit, it's down and dirty. It makes no apologies for being so either! It is, in places, emotional. Not quite the bawl your eyes out, more the kind I wanna stab Katherine's ex's eye out with a blunt pencil, but I have a feeling the bawling is to come. Oh yes, I know its-a-coming! I Love Ms Lynne's work, and this is an excellent addition to her library. Off to read book 2, Covet Me now. 5 full and sexy stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**