far darker read but 5 stars!

Bitter Moon - Alexandra Sokoloff
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. And just like that! Back up to five full stars! This is book 4 in the Huntress series, and I would STRONGLY recommend you read books one, Huntress Moon, book two, Blood Moon and book three, Cold Moon before you embark on this one. It will give you a much better understanding of Roarke, and of Cara and of what happened between them. Roarke is on self imposed leave, and Cara is in the wind, on the run from the FBI. A phone call draws him out of that leave and on to a path Cara walked as a 14 year old. And that path is dark! The book centres around the two weeks that Cara spent in Las Piedros High School and the death of two students in that time. It sets the road that Cara will walk that puts her into the FBI sights, those few short months ago. There are also similarities between cases of abducted and raped school girls that have been unsolved. And all the roads lead Roarke straight back to Las Piedros and the trail of a 14 year old murdress. This is a much darker read than the other three books. I mean, THEY are no picnic but this book revolves around the abduction, rape and torture of school girls. It goes into some detail too. Some readers may find it difficult reading and some may have triggers. I struggled in places, and I have no such triggers. It is, however, extraordinarily well written. We get Roarke in his usual third person/past tense and we get Cara in her third person/present tense. But its not until Roarke says he knows where Cara is, that I clicked. Cara here is not the PRESENT Cara. It's told from the 14 year old version of Cara, as she gives into the pull of the moons and she sets herself down her path. I still have no idea, no clue how this is all going to end. I don't know if Roarke will walk away from the FBI, if he will catch Cara and bring her in. If Cara will stay on the run, if she will give herself up, or whatever she will do. Not a single flipping clue! And its frustrating, like insanely frustrating, not being able to see where this is going, its bloody amazing that Ive already been kept on my toes for 4 full length books and I still am none the wiser. Book 5 is out soon and I hope I get to read that too. 5 full stars. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**