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Point Shot Trilogy Box Set - V. L. Locey
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is a single review for the box set of three books that were originally published separately. If you are going to read these books, I STRONGLY recommend you wait til you have all three books in your possession. There are cliffhanger endings to both book one, Two Man Advantage and book two, Game Misconduct. Book three, Full Strength, rounds everything up in a big fat bow. I'm just gonna throw this at you, and see what your reaction is. Single. Person. Point. Of. View. In the first person. And your reaction to me saying that would be thus: " I didn't like it, I hate it, we needed to hear from so and so" And ordinarily, yes, that would be my reaction. But here?? HERE??? Freaking loved it!!! Victor is, in his own words, an ass. And he is, at the beginning a mean spirited hockey player with a chip on his shoulder the size of the Major Oak (google it :-0) And he wise cracked one time too many, and ended up a league down, for the foreseeable future. Dan is the alternate captain for the lower league team. But Dan and Vic have an instant and powerful reaction to each other. And I loved watching Vic fall, and fall hard and so bloody fast he couldn't keep his skates on the ice. There are, along the way, a MAJOR hiccup or two the pair have to deal with and it is almost painful watching Vic deal with Dan being called up, then the parental issue, and then with his's head injury. But equally its heart warming and lovely and hearts and flowers. Victor himself says: 'Kissing my fiance was damn dreamy too, but if anyone ever talks about the fact that I used such words, I will flatly deny it, then pummel that person about the head with a hockey stick' Because that is who Vic is. And I just wanted to do what Mrs Arou does, and hug him up and tell him its not too late to have a mother who loves you. Because of the wonderful personality that Vic is, I didn't really miss Dan not having his say. But now I'm typing it up, I can honestly say, had Dan had a say, I might NOT have enjoyed this so much, because we would have gotten much LESS of Vic and this is, really, HIS story. And I loved him. First I've read of this author, that I can see. Would love to read more (but not the zombies, oh no, never the zombies!) in the future. 5 full stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**