short and so deliciously sweet!

Still You: Trade Me - Hot Tree Editing, Amy K. McClung, Strangeland Photography, Soxsational Cover Art
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Eden takes care of his sister and niece, and runs his gardening business. Adam has been looking after his best friend's wife and children after he died. Eden is hired to tend Adam's garden. The two have spark, instant and immediate. But there follows misunderstanding and mixups. Can Eden and Adam sort it out? This book was originally published as part of the Trade Me Collection, published by Hot Tree Publications. Short and so deliciously sweet! I really enjoyed this tale of mix up after misunderstanding after wires crossed, I really did. It's only short, 102 pages, hours reading time but it packs quite the sugar rush for such a short book. There is just enough drama within the mixups, just enough passion when it gets sorted, enough love to make you wanna shout for joy. I've not read anything by this author that I can see, but I'd love to read more. A longer book. Oh!! I should say. It's written from both men's point of view, in the first person. Usually, not my favourite but I didn't mind it here. It shows the differences between the two men off beautifully, and shows the love they have for each in their own way. Really great easy read, bath tub/lunch break/hangover cure book. 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**