a little too short and sweet for me

Nachos & Hash - Brandon Witt
Darwin is living his dream in Denver, he just needs someone to spend it with. Cody could be that someone. Cody is also living his dream, it just isn't as grand as Darwin's. When Cody gets an email from his father, his happiness is derailed and Cody retreats to a dark place. Can Darwin make Cody see his self worth? Short and sweet but just a little too sweet for me, I'm afraid. Don't get me wrong. It's well told, well delivered from both Darwin and Cody's point of view, in the third person. It should have pushed my buttons, falls short though,and I'm not entirely sure why. It does take a darker turn I didn't see it taking, when Cody does what he does. I can't say I liked it, because that's not the sort of thing you like, but I did appreciate the way it was delivered in this book. A good book, a nice book, by an author I've not read before, but would like to read something longer, more in-depth. 3 solid stars. *same worded review will appear elsewhere**