so bloody good!!

Gabriel - Tracie Podger
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted a copy of this book.
Jumping straight in!
I just...I...Oh this is so hard to write!
*deep breath, you can do this! Its only a review!**
I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this book, other than it was a thriller, but I didn't expect this!
It's told entirely (here you go, you know what I'm gonna say, right??) from Gabriel's point of view, in the first person, and I freaking LOVED IT!! (HA!!) This book is just so bloody good!
Gabriel's wife was killed while his daughter was in the bathroom. The case went cold and Gabriel and his daughter, Taylor, are left hanging. But then things start happening, weird, odd things, people turning up, shoving folders at him. And as the story unfolds, Gabriel realises how little he knew of his wife's background.
Without giving anything away, Gabriel opens a can of freaking big ass snakes, let alone worms, and the level of betrayal is so high, I did NOT see that coming.
Gabriel gets his revenge, some closure but assured, he will always be looking over his shoulder.
Totally blew me away.
First I've read of Podger, I have A Deadly Sin to read next. I'm told they are kind of linked, but we'll see how.
5 full stars
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