absolutely freaking awesome!

Marked by Obsession - Jami Gray
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted a copy of this book.
Jumping straight in, because I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to tell you about these books!!
This is book three in the Psy-IV Teams series, and I have read books one to three back to back. Literally. Finished one, jumped straight into two; finished two (at stoopid o'clock in the morning, I might add!) and jumped straight into book three. Good job I wasn't at work that day, I tell ya!
We meet Wolf in book one, and Meli in book two. Meli's reaction to Wolf in that book is noted, marked, instant and powerful. When things start to go the pan at home, she calls Wolf, who thought she never would.
Wolf can read minds, feelings, emotions with touch, and without. But he cannot read Meli. Her walls are rock solid and she grounds him. Just by being near, by touch. And she baffles him. He knows she has secrets, knows he could push at those walls if he really wanted, but he won't. He'll let her tell him all in good time.
Only time isn't something they have, those things going down the pan are getting far more deadly than a phone call. When Meli's brother's past is bought into play, things get complicated. And for a time, I had no idea where this was going! Loved being kept on my toes!! And usually, I love being made to wait for the main event but every time Meli and Wolf try to give in to their feelings, they get interrupted! I felt for them, I really did.
It is again, told in the first person, with both Wolf and Meli having a say. I swear to God, If this author switched to present tense, I think I'd still love them, and you KNOW how much I hate first person present tense!!
It is always a much darker read. Meli's secrets make for painful reading, especially when those secrets catch up with her. Extremely well written, just a little close to home. And because its first person...even more so.
Because I read them back to back and because its written in the first person, I noticed the marked differences between Cyn, Risia and Meli, and between Tag and Wolf (but not Kayden from book one, he doesn't get a say) Differences in their personalities, the way they think, how they are. You don't always notice things like that in the third person, or if you have gaps between books in a series and I really REALLY loved being able to notice that.
There is an on-going story line between all three books that is still unresolved, indeed, someone is still missing. But you don't need to read them all. I don't think you do, but if I were you, you should. Because these books are freaking awesome and I really can't wait to get my hands on the next one!!
I'd like to read more by this author. Its the first I've read of her work and I really liked how she spins a tale, making you think, and think, and think again.
Which leads me to my question...When?? I know Bishop is involved from that little snippet at the end, but WHEN??? How long do I gotta wait, Ms Gray?? How LONG?!?!?!?
5 stars (would give it so many more if I could!!!)
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(can you tell I LOVED these!!!)