great, solid four star read.

Revolutionary Temptation - Silvia Violet
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Jack is sent to New York to spy on the British soldiers who have laid siege to the city. His orders are to find out as much as he can, and report back as soon as he can. He never expected to be faced with the most gorgeous man he had ever met, the one who might make Jack totally forget what happened to the last man he loved. Eli makes no bones about who he wants, and what he wants and he will go about getting both by any means necessary. Jack was not supposed to get into his heart!
Ok first up. The American Civil War is not taught in great detail in UK schools, and so, as such, some of the wording used to differentiate between the American side and the British side got a bit confusing, to me anyway. Once I decided to kind of ignore those words, I loved this book!
Jack and Eli have a powerful reaction to each other, and it does not let up all the way through the book. Even though Jack knows that their love could get them both hanged. Even though Eli will use whomever he needs to, to get what he wants. And to be fair, it was a little while for Eli to be totally honest about which side he was fighting for!
Set during the Civil War, 1777, it carries all the properness, the pomp and ritual that the Gentry of the time had, still do, to some extent. Including all the words and phrases used at the time. Which did make me giggle in places when Jack and Eli are talking about certain body parts. Has some of the modern day words too, but you know, made me chuckle in places where maybe I wasn't supposed to chuckle but I think you can gather what I mean! *message me, I'll explain if not!*
I really liked the supporting cast of characters too. Too many to mention off hand (and I have read other books since this and *whispers* I forgot their names!) But with twists I did NOT see coming. Really enjoyed them. Constance especially, surprised me and I wonder if Ms Violet has considered writing about Constance and her Major Bradford. Surprising chap, that one!
Really great read, just managed to read it in one sitting and I stayed up late to do so!
Solid 4 star read.
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