great, solid four star read.

Dearly Stalked - Allison Cassatta
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Silas' publicist insists he hires an assistant. And Silas picks Scott. Which turns into a monumentally bad decision. Silas meets Ben, a police officer, at the local coffee shop. Ben is a big Silas fan, having read all his books. As Silas and Scott begin to fall apart, Ben and Silas begin to bond. As Ben and Morgan, his boyfriend, begin to unravel, Silas finds his life in danger and reaches to Ben to help.
I quite enjoyed this! It was great watching Silas unravel with the Scott situation and watching Ben getting into, and then, out of, the Morgan situation, and then watching Been and Silas together.
While it is painfully obvious who the dangerous stalker is, it is not a bad thing. I love knowing early on, as much as I love having to wait for the big reveal. Seeing it fall apart around Silas' ears, causing him to bar his windows and change the locks, was really great reading.
I did not car much for Ben in the beginning, especially when he does what he does to Morgan, but he does redeem himself by doing what he does for Silas.
Both men have their say, but if Scott and Morgan had been given a voice too, I think this would have been a five star read. You know how I love getting into the heads of the bad guys, especially the nutty ones!
It's not overly explicit, nor is it graphically violent. Silas' books have torture in them, but it is glanced over and sort of left for you to fill in the blanks. And just what Silas suffers at the hands of the stalker is not described in detail. You have to use what you picked up about Silas' books, to fill all that in.
It didn't seem the 266 pages billed on Goodreads. I have two other books by Cassatta sitting on my "languishing on kindle" shelf. I may well pull them to the top of the pile.
A good solid read.
4 stars
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