creeping up to 4.5 stars

Quarry (The Vampire Guard Book 2) - Elizabeth Noble

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. 

Lucas, Declan, Blair and Forge find themselves chasing a thief who is using technology they haven't seen before. It's not long before they realise that they have met before, ALL of them, and they might not be where they are now if they hadn't. But the vampire needs to be stopped, at all costs.

I enjoyed this one much more than Code Name Jack Rabbit, and for one reason only: we get back story here. We get how Lucas ran over Simon and met Forge. We get how Declan met Forge. We get how Blair came in contact with them all. And I LOVED that!! I was missing that in Jack Rabbit, I really was.

This book is also much more active. There is more action, more fighting, more running around chasing the bad guy. More of the Vampire Guard are here too. Two more teams, of four people in each but I can't remember all their names! I'd love to get more about them, though. I'm left wanting to know more about those pairings and how they came about. 

I loved the way the vampire thief's history was so closely intertwined with our four's, and really, had it not been for said vampire, they really might never have met. 

It is, again, clean. But I really am not complaining. These guys are very private about that and I love them for it. What I did love though, was Forge and Blair getting married. Loved being part of that. 

Can't quite stretch to 5 stars, but we have crept up from the 4 for Jack Rabbit to...
4.5 stars

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