stunnung book!

Killer Pursuit - Jeff Gunhus
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian. I was gifted my copy of this book.
I read A LOT of books, across many genres, and once in a while you get a book that is out of your usual zone, and totally blows you away.
This is such a book!
The book takes a while to get going, to set the plot out with all the characters doing their thing. ALL the major players have their say, including the bad guys and yes, that is a PLURAL and yes, you know how happy that makes me feel! I misjudged who the real bad guy was, so we ended up with several bad guys, and I loved that.
It's dark, it's bloody, it's far far the most bloodiest book I've read in some time. The bad guys doing their thing? we don't get it all, not at once. Some comes as it happens, but some also comes as said bad guys recall how they came to be in that point in time. Old history, as well as more recent.
I LOVED Allison, right from the start. She has history, bad history, but she isn't letting a rape and a kidnap/torture at the hands of the last killer she caught hold her back. Shooting the colleague in the leg might cost her the job she loves, but she didn't kill him, and she saved the girl! We don't get hardly any of the rape, and none of the kidnap, she's keeping those things close to her chest and not divulging them. I liked we did not get it, I really did.
There is NO romance in this book. I think what surprised me the most, since most of the books I read ARE romance in some way, is that I LOVED that there wasn't! This book does not need it, and I think it may well have spoilt it. Allison does reminisce about a love that could have been, but that's all. There was no place for anything else. I just needed to state that!
I'd like to read something else by this author. I love the was he lays things out, long-ass style. Doesn't always work, but this author pulled it off in a stunning way.
I wrote 4.5 stars at the top of the page when I wrote this out ready for typing up (yes, I DO hand write them first!) and usually that's what I run with. But upon typing up, I can't find a single reason to knock that half star off. So....
5 stars.
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