another bloody great read!

Knight of Flames (Inheritance) (Volume 2) - Amelia Faulkner Jack of Thorns (Inheritance) (Volume 1) - Amelia Faulkner
I was gifted my copy of this book direct from the author, I thank Ms Faulkner for that!
Quentin and Laurence are getting on with their lives after dealing with Jack, getting to know one another, dating. First, Quentin meets Kane, who wants to build a better life for psychics, and then Quentin's twin brother, Freddy, turns up. Both Quentin and Laurence's powers are growing, ever more revealing what they can do. They need to get to the bottom of what Kane and Freddy really are up to, while still developing their relationship.
Book two, and you NEED to read book one, Jack of Thorns, before you embark on this one. It will not only give you a better understanding of what these two men went through, but also because I SAID SO! And its a five star read, so read book one.
Quentin has been teaching himself how to control his powers, using methods taught by Laurence. But he is keeping something from Laurence, and it is revealed spectacularly here. OH! We know, of course we do, but Laurence doesn't, and the others involved don't. And I loved that its kept from everyone til that point. We get more of Quentin and his background, his upbringing, but still, I don't think we have it all. I think there is much MUCH more to come. I think Quentin has buried it deep, and it will take some time for Faulkner to dig it out of him. When we finally get it all, its gonna be bad, I know it is. Real bad. We have little hints, reactions, comments, here that make you think. But I'm not thinking too hard to put it together, not yet, because I have a feel I'm gonna be so terribly wrong.
Quen and Laurence's relationship, both emotional and physical, continues to grow. Slowly, steadily, but still growing. Still fairly low on the steam range, but its growing, getting hotter, along with Quentin's powers. Its so beautifully written, how they are growing into their relationship, so very beautifully put across from both man's point of view.
It doesn't quite carry the cliff hanger that book one does, but it does carry a very intriguing epilogue told from Freddy's point of view. Makes you ask questions, questions and more questions. Can't wait to find out just what he is up to, and just what it is he can do!
Little bit sexier, but so much more deadlier than book one, I thought. Still, it gets...
5 stars
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