excellent follow up!

Scrying for Summer (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #2) - Katherine McIntyre Hunting for Spring (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #1) - Katherine McIntyre

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.


This is book two of the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles, and it helps to have read book one, Hunting for Spring. Not absolutely necessary, but I'd highly recommend you do. You'll get a much better picture of Liam, and of Jev, and what happened to them both in that book.


Liam needs help, but since he is, by all accounts, a traitor, there aren't many he can call on. Jev helped his brother-in-arms before, so he hopes she will help now. He just doesn't want to ask for help at all, but his friend Sam needs help he can't provide.


Oh, a fabulous second book! Sexier and steamier, darker and deadlier, it pulls and grabs and doesn't let go!


Jev met Liam when helping Conor and Brianna. He piqued her interest in so far as she wanted to know what made him do what he did. But something else also, something she wasn't quite sure it was. Once he asks for her help, its painfully obvious the man pushes her buttons in a way no one has done for a very long time. But he makes her laugh, even in the face of danger, and he show her the REAL Liam, the one he has been hiding all this time.


Equally, Jev pushes Liam's buttons, but he tries hard, so bloody hard to ignore that pushing. He is, after all, a Hunter and a Hunter's life is a lonely one. But he can't ignore her, the way she makes him feel, the way she makes him HOPE.


I wanted Liam to fall and fall hard. I said as much at the end of my review for Hunting For Spring. I just did not expect that falling to be for Jev! Oh, I did so enjoy this book!!


I am, maybe wrongly, assuming the next book **Puleeeze let there be a NEXT BOOK!** will be about Sam, the genie here chasing the parts of his lamp, and Alanna, the head Witch at the Coven. They had a spark, and my interest is fully locked on them now! So, please Ms McIntyre, tell me, book three is about Sam and Alanna! I can see THAT one being particularly interesting, given that Alanna has Sam's lamp locked away in the Coven's vaults and he is not best pleased about that!


creeping up a little at ...


4.5 stars.