bit darker but so sooooooooo good!

Three More Wishes (Rainbow Island Book 2) - Sean Michael Three Wishes - Sean Michael

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.


Book two in the Three Wishes Series, and you don't need to have read book one to enjoy the three wishes granted here, but it might help you understand Damien, Guard and James and how their relationship works, or rather, doesn't.


Cameron is losing his sight, and wants to have one last week of being looked after when he can enjoy it, before he goes totally blind. Xander has the sort of personality that he NEEDS to look after someone, and when Cameron and Xander are paired for their wish, its a powerful joining.


I loved these two. Cameron has plans for when his week is up, but they aren't fully made clear til a way in, and that shocked me, but then once the words were said, I could see the hints laid out for me. Xander and Cameron are PERFECT for each other, Cameron just needs to *quite literally* SEE that just because he can't physically see, his life is not over, there is much he can do, and Xander... well, Xander just wants to be able to look after Cameron, much past this one week.


Ben is a writer, fully in control of his life. But just once, just one time, he wants to be totally NOT in control. Guard had informed him his wish wouldn't be granted, it was a little too far out there and they couldn't find anyone to help, so Ben decided just to enjoy the week on the island instead. Until he is taken from the beach, tied to the bed and made to do all sorts of things he never wanted.


Oh this one! This was so unexpected! I LOVED this one, even if it was too far out there! Ben does take some time to come to the realization that his fantasy did, really, happen, but til that point, he is truly afraid. But as well as being afraid, he is, deep down, enjoying it. Tip entered into this wish fully expecting to give the client what HE wanted, Tip was still gonna enjoy himself though. What he didn't expect was Ben and how beautifully Ben responded to everything Tip threw at him.


Leo is a Dom but wants to learn about being a sub so he can treat his subs in the manner they need. So he books a week at the island and waits. David has lusted after Leo for a very long time and when approached to do this job, and then told WHO he would be topping, David jumped.


My least favourite couple, but still I liked their wish. Leo wants to learn but when he finds out its David doing the teaching, he isn't best pleased as he wanted it to be anonymous. I liked how they worked well together.




Damien, Guard and James have a little bit, not as much as book one, but its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. They work some of their problems...issues... can't find the right word but they work some of it out.


I need more though. As I said in my review for book one, I ALWAYS need more. I need more wishes, I need one to go horribly, terribly wrong, and I need more of the three men who those wishes out.


Please tell me, Mr Michael will there be more??


4.5 stars, because I liked all three wishes and Guard, James and Damien get *mostly* together.


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