not one for me.

Stare Him Down (Stare Down) - Riley Murphy

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.


This is book three in the Stare Down series, and I have not read the other books. I didn't feel I was missing anything in this book that could have come from the others, so I'm assuming that these can be read as stand alones.


What I WAS missing though, was a connection between either character and myself. It might have been the long build up, that took over 40% of the book. It might have been that Michaela was only 16 in that first scene. And I really hate not being able to say why a book doesn't quite work for me. I just didn't like either of them very much.


I would also have liked more hints and clues to Michaela's *issue* (can't really call it what it is because that would be spoiler-ish) or maybe they were there and I just didn't pick them up. But it just felt that was chucked in. I got lost with what was going on with Michaela's dad and the takeover/missing money thing.


I DID love that they both had a say and that they worked it all out.


Sorry this is short, but I find these 3 stars reviews the hardest to write.


3 stars