lovely story, I just couldn't love it.

Not a Game - Cardeno C.
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Oliver leaves his home town, moves away for a new job. Now he wants to work on getting a new man. But, he decided, he needs help, professional help, and hires himself an escort to teach him. First time Jaime sees Oliver, he knows he's the man for him. But a huge misunderstanding is no way to begin a relationship, and Jaime works hard to set things right.
*insert wailing!* I'm sorry! I really am! I'm just so sorry I don't love this one as much as I loved other books by Cardeno C. Because you know I do love their work, I rave about it often enough, but this one?? It was okay, I just didn't love it.
But I did like it. Its a lovely tale of misunderstanding coming out good, of not everyone wanting that rock hard, cover model, Greek god body next to them, about whats INSIDE that appeals to some people.
It follows a solid Cardeno C track, with no break up/make up, nutty ex (more on that in a mo!) or murderous friends. Oliver's finding out the truth could have had a little more impact, for me, I thought, but that is just me.
It doesn't have that nutty ex. What it does have is a best friend, kinda ex, who really does need his own happy ever after. Jack needs a story, because Jack loved Jaime, Jaime just didn't love Jack enough. And Jack needs to be happy now Jaime is.
It's very well written from both men's POV, with just enough heat and steam that is perfect for Jaime and Oliver.
I'm just sorry I couldn't love it.
4 stars
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