not one for me.

The Mediator: Adult Urban Fantasy (Jade Dober Book 1) - Milana Jacks, Natasha Snow, Linda Ingmanson
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Jade is a Mediator, sent into the Zones to deal with issues that arise between the Human Office and the other species now in the world. The next case is a halfing, human/shifter hybrid, stuck in his shifter state. But the plot around these people getting stuck in their shifter state is far bigger than Jade imagined. And when The Horned King comes a-calling, she knows she may well not get out of this alive.
Okay! SO! Really brief summary: started off okay-ish, got really good in the middle and then towards the end, I LITERALLY lost the plot. Totally lost it.
Jade is not of this world. And I did like to be kept waiting for her full story. I wasn't entirely sure where the pack of shifter wolves fit in, and The Horned King was a rather....odd character to follow.
And I'm sorry I can't write a better worded review, but I usually run with my first feeling, and that is it. Lost. totally and utterly lost. I am surprised I managed to finish it, to be brutally honest.
Its getting the three stars because:
A) I DID finish it
B) I was engaged in the story across the first half
C) I did like Jade and what she was trying to do.
3 stars
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