powerful punch, just not sure I liked it.

Bender - Gene Gant
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I  was gifted my copy of this book.
Mason is using physical pain to deal with his emotional pain, by working as an escort, letting clients do as they please. He has no sexual desires for what he is doing, no sexual desire for anyone OR anything. Dex is an RA on Mason’s dorm. He is watching Mason’s spiral downwards, and cannot stop himself from helping the young man who he knows needs some help.
I’m not sure how I feel about this short story. This little book of 86 pages certainly packs a powerful punch, is a very well written read. I’m just not sure I liked.
Its told in the first person, present tense AND single point of view. That has to be the worst way for me. I did, however, finish the book, so that tells you something. I usually dump a book straight away I realize if it’s written this way. I will always prefer multi-point of view books.
It says on the Goodreads blurb that it’s for 16+. I will disagree with that. I’d say 18+. It has alcohol abuse, rape, and Mason escorting (although that is not described in great detail, neither is the rape) I wouldn’t want my 16 to read this.
It’s too raw.
What I did like was how Mason, with the right help was managing to pull himself out of the darkness he found himself in and into some sort of happiness. His relationship with Dex, with his ex-girlfriend, even his friendship with Trey (you’ll see just WHY this one is so important when you read the book)
There is a lot of pain in this book, both physical and emotional and it does make for a difficult read. It has minimal sexual content, and I did like that. It is VERY well written, though and I do need to stress this point because this is not a negative review. The book just did not quite work for me. Some will LOVE this book, that I have no doubt.
This is the first of this author I have read, and I will certainly give them another go.
ps, there was just one thing. I have no idea, being a UK reader, what an RA is, but the official blurb mentions it, and it is used in the book so I put it here. Perhaps some clarification for non-US readers would help.
3 stars
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