Murder Most Yowl - Quinn Dressler
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Cameron walked away from his career at NCIS, and from his father when he came out. He moved away and opened a shop for all things cat. A murder at a cat sitting job puts Cameron firmly in Sheriff Jake's sights.
For a crime/thriller, I found this rather cute, really cute. And murder mysteries shouldn't be cute, but I did love that this one was!
I didn't get whodunnit before it was revealed in the book, and I was a little off with my theories. But thats fab, because I love being proved wrong as much as I do being proved right.
The plot itself moves at a fair and even pace, but I found the romance moved a little too fast, for me anyway. The romance is, speed aside, very well written. Cameron is a cat man and Jake a dog man. The thoughts that Cameron has of merging the two families come hard and they come fast and they come powerful. Not overly explicit, but sexy enough.
I loved the part that the sister of each man played bringing them together, getting them on a blind date. Although we didn't meet Jake's sister. Had the murder not happened, they still would have met.
Fairly easy read, some 130 pages, not too taxing on the brain, even if I didn't get whodunnit. But it is single person POV, Cameron only gets a say, and ya'll know how I feel about those.
4 solid stars
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