I wanted Tulip!!!

A Dandelion for Tulip - R. Cooper
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
David is in love with Tulip, has been for some time, but Tulip doesn't date humans. After getting drunk at a Christmas party, David reveals his feelings for Tulip, TO Tulip and something changes between them both. But Tulip doesn't think anyone as shiny as David will want an old fairy like him. Can they work it out?
I have one thing, and one thing alone to say to you, Cooper! Are you listening to me?? Do you know what it might be?? Its this.
I wanted Tulip and I didn't get him! I wanted to know about the things he kept saying, and what they meant to Tulip. Because, he said several times, he wanted to KEEP David. And that obviously meant something important and we didn't get what it was! ( I figured it out, but I still wanted to hear it from TuIip!) I wanted to know how he felt, staying away from David, and how he felt when he finally realised what an idiot he was being.
David is a deep soul, and his dialogue shows that. I did glance over the bits when he was talking about his theories and his dissertation. I got lost with some of it. But I did like David, I really did.
This is book 6 in the Beings In Love series, I have not read them, but I have book one to listen to at some point. Looking back on the blurbs for those books, only one of those couples appears in this book, so, possibly, its not necessary to have read them. But Tulip and David have some history, their first meeting, and I wondered if it appears in one of the other books. Because I feel like I missed something, you know? Something important, but I can't figure out what that something might be. It didn't affect my reading experience, though.
I loved all the beings in this book, the fairies especially, and I am tempted to go back and read the other books, at some point.
Because we only got David and I desperately wanted Tulip...
4 stars
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