not one for me.

Toby: A Male Escort's Journey - Fox Emerson
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Toby is a male escort, and a heavy drug user. He meets first Jakob, then Arianna. He cares deeply for them both. Things happen that cause Toby to question his very existence, and his life falls apart around his ears.
Sometimes when I'm reading a book, I can see where its going, how it might play out. Sometimes not. The sign of a good book is keeping my interest up, keeping me engaged enough to want to know whether I'm right or wrong. Doesn't matter which way it pans out, either.
In THIS book, for a long time, indeed right til the end, I could not see which way it was going to go. At points I really didn't care. I did, a couple of times, think about marking it DNF and moving on.
I think the main reason is Toby himself. I didn't like him, couldn't get into his mindset. Couldn't connect with him. We do get to hear from Toby the most, but Jakob has his say, as does Arianna, and another character (who's storyline did not do anything for this book!) However, I do love getting to hear from everyone, even the bad guys.
It is well written and I did not spot a single spelling mistake. Solid over 18 read, with drug abuse by more than one character and talk of a rape( not described, just talked about)
This is the first I've read of this author, that I can see. I will read other work, I just might not jump at the chance.
Because of the multi point of view, and I DID finish it....
3 stars
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