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my fav of the four!

Close to Home (Sawyer's Ferry #4) - Cate Ashwood
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book 4 in the Sawyers Ferry series, but you don't NEED to read the other books for this one to make sense. The previous stories come before this in time, and the previous characters pop up here too. But, you know? two 5 stars and a 4star read from me, so why not, eh? Witt somehow manages to get himself a beating, and by some miracle, drives himself to the only place he feels safe: Sawyers Ferry. His boss did not like it when Witt said no. Mason is struggling at his place with his house mates family visiting, so when Logan and Jackson ask Mason to move into their place to keep an eye on the still recovering Witt, he jumps at the chance to not only get out his house, but to get to know the shy man a whole lot better. Something about Witt pulls at Mason, and he can't figure out what, not yet. But when Witt's boss turns up in town, Mason figures it out real quick. Witt is HIS and Mason will do everything he can to protect him. So, book 4 and this carries a far darker story line. Witt has been working with a bully, and managed to, up to now, avoid any serious confrontation but when Witt says no to more overtime, that confrontation happens and Witt suffers at the hands of his boss. How he managed to get as far as the ferry, he will never know, but Logan and Jackson are there, they will help him. Then Mason is in the house, and Witt doesn't quite know what to do about the man who seemed to have invaded his dreams somewhere along the way. Mason works with Barrett at the Copper Creek Brewery. He met Witt some time ago, the smaller shy man trying to almost hide in the sofa. But Mason noticed, he noticed a lot about Witt. Visiting Witt at the hospital bought all kinds of rage out of Mason, and all kinds of other feelings he didn't want to examine just yet. Being able to look after Witt when Logan and Jackson go out of town is just the best thing. Slowly, Witt comes out of himself. He is painfully shy, and Mason so darn gentle with him, it was a delight to see Witt break his shell. And when Witt decides to take the plunge and take what he wants, or rather WHO he wants, ooooeeee that was so hawt! It was great fun watching these two dance around each other for a huge part of the book! Mason admitted his feelings to Barrett and Frnakie quite early, but Witt took a while to get there. Neither man was sure what the other was feeling! Brody pops up, and Mason's best friend. He has a short in this series, Laguna, which is availble for free from Profilicworks. And I do mean SHORT! 34 pages is all, but I do know that Ms Ashwood will be writing Brody and Beckett's full story shortly! Can't wait for that, I tell ya! I just got back off my holidays, and I read this on the plane. Fabulous way to pass a 4 hour flight! 5 full and shiny stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


fabulous new series from Ford

Ramen Assassin (Ramen Assassin #1) - Rhys Ford
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. When Trey witnesses a dead body being dragged into a van, and then he gets shot at, he never thought the guy who has invaded his dreams would be the one to save him. He makes noodles all day, how can the man possibly pack more fire power than the bad guys, huh? Kuro thought he had left all that behind in the blaze of bullets that followed him to the embassy. But no, here he is, standing over the cute guy who comes in most days, shooting at the bad guys trying to shoot Trey. And then someone shoots at him. And Kuro sees red. Someone has to stand up for Trey, cos his own sister won't! You never EVER know, from reading a Ford blurb, which way a book will go. You all do it, you read a blurb and your brain goes, Yup, thats what is gonna happen and then you start reading and whatever you had in mind goes right up in smoke! so, Devastating? check. Emotional? check. Deadly? Murderous? check. Sexy? check, check and check! I loved Kuro and Trey, both together and seperately. The way their stories mesh together is brilliant. I loved that they had both been eyeing each other up, but neither one wanted to make a move. The fact that Kuro let Trey sit at the back table every time he came in, had not gone unnoticed by his staff. The eyes Trey made at Kuro had not gone unnoticed either. Trey's history could be any child star in today's world. A rise to fame, from a very young age, and a meteoric fall from grace that left him in everyone's bad books, his family especially. I hated his sister! She was so mean to Trey right when Trey needed her, and when Kuro takes up his case, Kuro gives Trey's sister such a piece of his mind, it's a wonder the woman wasn't reduced a pile of goo! The whodunnit is a long winded (and long planned out!) and complicated plot, and I loved how it all went down! This is billed as book one in the Ramen Assassin series. I have no idea whether Kuro and Trey will be the centre of each book, or some of Kuro's associates will be, I don't really care, to be honest! I just wanna read them! And oh! The food! The food Kuro cooks sounds so yummy! Even when he does what I would call a "cupboard dinner" basically, whatever was in Trey's cupboards and fridge, it was yum! I was drooling, for God's sake! I can only hope Ms Ford does some sort of recipe thing with the book tour, I will have to switch the ramen for rice noodles, but Lord, PULEEEEZE let there be recipes! I love Rhys Ford, you know I do, and I have so MISSED the way she spins her tales! One sitting read, 200 odd pages, 2.5 hours, and boom! More, I need more! 5 full and shiny stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


a far darker read than book one!

Copping an Attitude (Sin City Uniforms #2) - Morticia Knight
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book 2 in the Sin City Uniforms series, and while it is not really necessary to read book 1, All Fired Up, for you to follow this one, I think you should read it. If only because I said so!

stunning follow up!

Keeping a Warrior (Loving a Warrior #2) - Melanie Hansen
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book 2 in the Loving a Warrior series, but you don’t NEED to have read book one, Loving a Warrior, for this to make sense. But personally, I would recommend you do. Cos I loved that book, and Matt and Shane play a huge part here. Devon is trailing a path through a man’s world, a path she will not be veered from. But meeting Rhys, and how she connects with him on a very primal level, scares her a bit. When Devon’s full history comes clear, and Rhys’ too, their relationship takes the next step. Temporary, but NOT casual, right? I loved this book, but equally I struggled with it. I shall attempt to voice why! At times, I wanted to slap Rhys, I really did! He KNEW he was stringing his ex along, deep down he knew it, but he did nothing to stop it. He answered her calls, her messages, her crying down the phone, and pulled the string along a bit more. He KNEW he had to let her go. But then Devon comes into his life again. They met some 4 years before during an op. And here they are, working together again. And he doesn’t shut Lani down IMMEDIATELY! And I wanted to slap him some more. He DOES care for Devon, right from the start though, and that makes him really question what he had been doing. Devon’s trauma doesn’t come clear immediately, it kinda creeps out along the way. And it’s shocking, the level of betrayal she suffered, and it appears MANY women in the armed forces suffer. And I think this is what I found most difficult to deal with. How high up the food chain the covering up goes. Oh, no, this bit, THIS is what I struggled with the most! Matt and Shane play a HUGE part here. Granted, they spend most of the book either fighting or ignoring each other, trying to find what they really feel for each other but failing miserably. Matt, apparently, said something to Shane. WHAT was said was never explained, and I’ve been trying to recall if this happened in their book, but short of going back to reread (I don’t, nor do I have the time!) I will never know, and I wanted to! I loved the way Hanssen melds Loving a Warrior into Keeping a Warrior, not just because of Shane and Matt’s part here, but because of that other thing, the thing that I did NOT see coming! Had I read the two books back to back, I might have picked it up way WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY right back at the beginning of the book, but I didn’t, and I was blown away by that little revelation! Both Devon and Rhys have a say, in the third person. I did not see any spelling or editing to spoil my reading, and I read this book in one sitting, not an easy or short read, but I could NOT put it down! Who is next? I dunno. Are there more in this series? I hope so! Oh please tell me there will be! It would be great if Matt, Shane, Devon and Rhys all take part too! Ms Hansen has 9 books (according to Goodreads) and now I’ve read 3. 3 very different, but still amazing books. I want to read the rest of them. I want to start at the beginning and work my way through. I want to follow the path of this author, cos she is on my hit list now!! 5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


a nice easy read!

Animal Attraction (San Francisco Dragons #2) - Kate Willoughby
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. 6 months ago, Maggie’s dog, Kirby, goes missing. Her friend Jade finds him, and Maggie goes to the door of hockey player Spencer to get him back. But Kirby is looking after Spencer’s elderly dog, Lulu, who has perked up since Spencer found Kirby by the side of the road and he doesn’t want Lulu to go yet. Sharing the dog for the short term seemed the best idea. But as they get closer, secrets threaten to drive them apart. If you follow my reviews, you’ll know I have a particular dislike of the N word for a book, but sometimes, that bloody word gets stuck in my throat and I cannot shift it, no matter what. So, this was a NICE book. A good nice, easy read, that wiled away a few hours this morning before work. Maggie finds herself in deep quick with Spencer, and vice versa but Maggie can’t give Spencer what he wants and when his ex turns up with news, she walks away. Spencer doesn’t want the ex though, and he must find a way to get Maggie back. It’s well written, with both Maggie and Spencer having a say in the third person. Both voices are clear, concise and consistent through the book, although Spencer I found a little jumpy in his narrative. He seemed to flit about a bit, not really paying much attention to Maggie, until she wasn’t there! It's not especially high on the heat level, or maybe I just read books with a MUCH higher level, but I didn’t mind it here. I do prefer my books high up that scale, in general, but I felt the level that this book gets to was hot enough for Maggie and Spencer. It IS sexy, though, don’t get me wrong! Just not super hot. There isn’t any real drama, but there is a good deal of emotions involved, especially on Maggie’s part. Dealing what she did all those years ago must have been devastating and to not have told her best friend all of it? Too painful to think about. I got what the ex was doing, very quickly! But again, Spencer couldn’t see that! This is book 2 in the San Francisco Dragons series, and I have not read book one. I didn’t feel I was missing anything by not reading it, but from reading the blurb, the main character does pop up here, as a member of Spencer’s team. Some interesting characters on this team, too, and I would like to catch up with them all as they fall and fall hard. First I’ve read by Ms Willoughby, I’d like to read more. 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


my fav of the three

Benoit (Owatonna U #3) - R.J. Scott, V.L. Locey
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book 3 in the Owatonna U Hockey series. It’s not totally necessary for you to have read books one, Ryker, and two, Scott, before this one, but personally I would recommend you do. It will give you a better picture of this group of hockey players and how they relate to each other. I didn’t much care for Ryker, but Scott was a much better read and this one is my favourite of the three! Benoit hit Senior year, and his focus is on his hockey. Study and hockey. He is absolutely not allowed to get involved with a certain volunteer coach who is hobbling around on crutches. Ethan knows he won’t play professionally again, since he broke his leg on his 32nd birthday but helping the next generations of players might keep him happy. A certain goalie is not on his agenda. But after a scorching hot kiss, Ethan wants more, but Benoit is not playing. This one, by far, is my favourite of the three. Maybe it was Benoit, or Ethan or the pairing of the two, or maybe it had been brewing up to this one, I dunno, but I loved this one! Benoit and Ethan have instant and powerful attraction, and they try hard to ignore it, they really do. But some things are just meant to be, even if there is a big age gap. Everyone is concerned about that gap, but Ethan and Benoit are not. There are some difficult topics dealt with here: racism and homophobia. Difficult reading for someone who has not experienced either, but I got way into Benoit’s heart when he deals with the aftermath of that. Because of the above, it does make some points quite emotional and you wanna cry for Benoit, but equally, it has some lighter moments and lots of the steamy moments! It is again written from both Ethan and Benoit’s point of view, in the first person. Each voice is clearly defined, coming from very different backgrounds, and they are easily identifiable if you leave off during a chapter. Each change occurs as the chapter changes. I saw no spelling or editing that would spoil anyone’s reading experience. I loved that Ryker, Jacob, Hayne and Scott all take part, as well as Tens are Mads. I still wanna read their story! Are there more? I hope so. Really loving this series. 5 full and shiny stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


Bloody LOVED this one!

The Color of Summer - Anna  Martin
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Max returns home to open his tattoo studio and to be closer to his mum. On the way he gets stopped speeding, by his best friend's older brother, Tyler. While Max has immediate attraction to Tyler, Tyler is straight and tells him so. But there is . .something . . between them, and as the summer begins, the relationship grows. Can Tyler be a cop in a small town, who is gay? I might gush about this book, just a heads up! Cos I bloody LOVED it! Max returns to his home town after his mum has a stroke. He wants to be closer while she recovers. And he wants his own tattoo studio so combines the two plans into one. Meeting Tyler throws Max for a loop, cos he never really noticed Tyler before, you know? He was just Shane's big brother, is all. But now, the man did grow up good and proper and he pushes all of Max' buttons. Tyler is just plodding along, bringing up his daughter with the help of his family. Catching up with Max was fun, and Tyler really needs a friend. But his long suppressed attraction to men, and to Max in particular begins to resurface, Tyler doesn't want Max as a friend, he WANTS Max. He has his daughter the think about, though, and his job as deputy, and his brother's reaction to finding out. I really LOVED this, it fell on my kindle just when I needed it to and I devoured it. That's the only word I can find: devoured. I went to bed to read a few chapters and the next thing I know, it was 1am and I had finished. It's not a short book, 230 odd pages, but it felt a lot less. A sign of a good, nay, GREAT book, that; that it doesn't seem as long as it really is! Both Max and Tyler have a say, in the third. Both voices are clear and different and they tell their story incredibly well. It has a good deal of angst/drama but they aren't really the right words for it. It's more soul searching, maybe? I dunno, hate not finding the right words. It has a LOT of emotion, both for Max and Tyler, from very different points of view. There is a huge family network too, who see, you know, they SEE what Max feels for Tyler, even if they haven't figured that out themselves yet! It's not overly explicit, but I don't think it needs to be. It's hot and sexy though! The relationship between Max and Tyler moves along at a steady pace, both the emotional connection adn the physical one. I liked being made to wait a while! I've only read one other book by Ms Martin, and that book didn't quite work for me but THIS one? I freaking loved it and it just goes to show, you can't love every book and just because one book by an author doesn't work for you, it doesn't mean they ALL won't. So, because I loved it, because I read it in one sitting, just because its my review and I CAN . . . 5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


good but not one for me

Escaping Camp Roosevelt - Bryan T. Clark
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. I'm going to struggle with this review, I know I am, so please bear with me, okay? I don't usually like books with college age young adults as the main characters, but something about the blurb must have grabbed me for me to say yes to reading it, even though the blurb says how old Tucker and Dancer are. I can't tell you what though. And Tucker is a little naive at the beginning of this book. Dancer is far more world wise than a 21 year old should be, but he's been on the streets a long time. There are some difficult topics dealt with here. Tucker's mum is a drug user. Dancer is selling himself (although nothing is described in any great detail). Some abuse. Homelessness, how families cope with that. All topics are, I thought, dealt with well. Both Tucker and Dancer have their say, in the third person. Both voices are distinctive and clear, and they tell their story well. I just *insert sigh* don't know that I LIKED it. I certainly did not love it, but I'm not left with any negative feelings about it, either. It just does not push my buttons, I'm afraid. But I DID finish it, and it held my attention the whole way through. So for that reason . . 3 stars. I'm sorry, I really I am! Someone will love the pants off this book, but it's not me. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


my fav of the four!

Forged Futures (Tribal Spirits #4) - Katherine McIntyre Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book four in the Tribal Spirits series, and I would STRONGLY recommend you read books one through three first. There is an ongoing story arc that rears its ugly head again, and you need to know the devastation this has caused before now. Lana’s husband was killed by the Landsliders last year, and she is existing. She isn’t surviving, or living, just existing. When those Landsliders come after Lana, Lucas, of the East Coast Tribe, is back in town to find out why. To get the shaman who has been at the right hand of the man who betrayed The Tribe. Having to stay in Lana’s house though, wasn’t in the plan but the tiger within Lucas demands he stay, to keep her safe. When they realise the Landsliders are looking for a device that Lana’s dead husband stole from them, the Red River and Silver Springs packs prepare for all-out war on the Landsliders. But what about after? Lucas will leave and Lana will be left alone again. Won’t they? Like I said, book 4 in the series, and I think, maybe my favourite of the four so far. Can’t tell you why, though, but that’s my feeling and ya’ll know I’m ALL about the book feelings! Lana is just about getting by. As a cat, she needs that physical connection and since her husband’s death, she gets it only from her friend, Ally. Which, while lovely, it doesn’t quite help, you know? Lana’s attraction to Lucas was as unexpected as it was unwanted. Lana feels guilty for cheating on her husband, even though he is gone. Once Gavin’s friends are made to see how much she needs this with Lucas, she jumps all in. As Tribe, Lucas moves around, having only his family home as a base. Staying with Lana makes him see what he has been missing. Coming home to someone who gets him, on a deep level that no one, not even his Tribe mates, do. Lana SEES Lucas, she really does. But what I particularly loved about this one, what made it stand out, was there was none of that MINE thing that usually comes with shifter mates. There was attraction, and feelings and emotions, yes, and these grew over time, but that immediate MINE moment? Nothing, not until they were fully mated, and it was a kind of “OH!” moment for Lana and Lucas and I really loved that. While they were taking comfort in each other, the mating bonds formed and neither realised til that moment. Loved that! There are many secrets that come out here, and poor Lana bears the brunt of them. Sierra and Dax; Jer and Raven play a huge part here, but Finn and Navi are only mentioned. With one half of the head of the Landsliders now disposed of, lets hope in the next book they can get rid of them entirely. And I believe that Drew, the Landslider who turned against them, gets his story next. The bad boy does turn good here, fighting for the packs and there are some mahoosive clues (unless I’m totally dense and misread them totally wrong!) as to who might be Drew’s mate. I hope I did not read them wrong, cos the cat in question clearly has feelings for Drew and vice versa, and they are no clearer then when they are “stuck” So, please let it be her! 5 full and shiny stars. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**

pure sugar!

The Accidental Baker - Clare London
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. A short review for a short book, only 5 chapters, 64 pages, took me about 40 minutes to read. Some chocolate eggs and bunnies escape and find their way into the lives for four men, who each find love. This book is PURE sugar! It's so bloody SWEET, your teeth will rot but I LOVED it! I will usually say that I prefer my books on the more explicit/sexy side, but this particular book is almost clean, just some kissing and some talk about what one character wants to do. CLEAN and I loved that it was! I've only read another short by London, and loved that too, but now I want to read something longer, more in depth book. I like the way she spins her tales, I really do. This book landed on my kindle at 9am. It was read by 10am. I hadn't moved out my pit, I'm full of a cold but this book made me feel a little better, about myself and the world. So, thank you Ms London, this dollop of sugar set me up for the day! 4 solid stars. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


so bloody good!

Let Me Show You - Becca Seymour
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Carter finds himself stuck, and naked, when construction worker, Tanner comes to price up some renovations on his home. Tanner immediately takes a shine to the sexy but very shy vet. When Carter has problems at work, and when they go out, Tanner goes all alpha-male-MINE on Carter, and Carter thinks FINALLY! Tanner’s best friend needs him though, it’s why he moved to town. Can Tanner commit to Carter the way Carter wants, and needs? OH, SO very stinking cute, this one! AND warm and fuzzies! I really kinda fell into this one, and it was SOOOOO good! Carter isn’t looking for love, it kinda finds him and knocks him for six. Tanner is a breath of fresh air, and after weeks of flirting they FINALLY get down and dirty. I mean, I was waiting, and waiting and bloody WAITING for them to get their act together and give in to the attraction but it takes them FOREVER!!! BUT!!! I LOVED that it did! The tension between builds over time, and I really did appreciate being made to wait for the main event. It’s not overly dramatic, with no real drama, just a guy in a bad place taking it out on Carter at work. It’s not especially explicit, but it IS so bloody sexy. It’s not too complicated a plot to follow and there is no real violence. There is, though, a lotta love! A lot of people love Carter and Tanner, together and separately. And they make no bones about what they want for their friends, which is for Carter and Tanner to be together. It’s well written, from both Carter and Tanner’s point of view, in the first person. Each voice is clear and distinctive, and each change of voice occurs as the chapter changes and is clearly headed. I saw no spelling or editing errors to spoil my reading. It’s one of those books you just FALL into, you know. You can lose a couple of hours on a wet and windy Tuesday morning, after all the chores are done, you sit down with a cuppa tea, and read a bit, and before you know it, the book is finished! It really was far too stinking cute for its own good, and you know what?? I wrote four stars at the top of the page, but I can’t figure out why, so changing my mind, and giving it the full.. 5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


my fav of the three

Wild as the West Texas Wind (Love Across Time #3) - Jackie North Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book three in the Love Across Time series. You don’t NEED to have read the others before this one, but PERSONALLY, I think you should read book 2, Honey From The Lion before this one. There are things that happen in that book that lead up to this one. And you, know, they are really rather good! This one, I think, is my favourite of the three! Zach is looking for his friend, Laurie (Honey From The Lion) and gets caught in a freak rain storm. Waking up in 1892 and then crossing the Ketchum Gang, Zach finds himself on the way to be sold. Layton is part of the gang, but he doesn’t want to be anymore. When Zach comes along, those feelings intensify, to a point that Layton will go against the gang leader, Tom, and maybe cost him his life, along with Zach’s. But Zach makes Layton want other things, things that require them both to be alive. Can he get away, saving himself AND Zach? Like I said, my favourite of the three! What I particularly loved about this one, was the SLOW burn between Zach and Layton! I mean, I'm all for insta-love and masses of naughtiness but HERE?? I LOVED that it wasn’t like that! It creeps up on both Layton AND Zach, the feelings, the attraction (although Zach does have that instant attraction feeling) the wanting MORE than being on the run. It’s really fabulous reading, watching these two fall for each other. It’s on the less explicit side, but very proper for this book that it is. Layton, especially, surprised me! Don’t ask me WHY he did, I can’t say exactly, but that’s' how I feel and you know I like to share those book feelings. He doesn’t really question what he starts to feel for Zach, at all, and being of a begone age, I would have thought that he might. I’m not complaining, . . . .oh! THIS is why he surprised me! The fact he doesn’t question, he just lets himself begin to fall, and fall hard. I loved that, right from the start, Layton wanted away from the gang, from the leader, Tom. Tom has a vicious streak a mile wide, and both Zach and Layton fall foul of his wrath. Not nice reading, but I think, it really is needed. This is why I tagged it darker, cos Tom is not a very nice person, but then again, stagecoach hijackers and robbers don’t tend to be! He really is a nasty piece of work. I love love LOVE the way Honey from The Lion melds itself into this one! Trying NOT for spoilers, so other than that, I’m not saying how, but very well played there, Ms North, VERY well played! I want to tag this book warm and fuzzies and too stinking, but not sure how I can with the darker tag! Such decisions! Ah stuff it, tagging it as so! Are there more? I don’t know, I want to read them, regardless. Loving them! 5 full and shiny stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**

freaking loved this!

Crossing the Touchline (Auckland Med. #2) - Jay Hogan
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Stealing the tagline from the official blurb, because it is just the perfect tagline I have ever come across! What if your dream will cost you the man who's stolen your heart? Reuben Taylor has a choice to make. Cameron Wano is that choice. I'm struggling to say what I want to about this book, because I FREAKING loved it! So if this review runs away with the fairies, I apologise. I shall try to make a coherent sentence or two! Reuben is so far in the closet, it's pitch black in his life. His brother is an alcoholic, trying to look after a small child, and his father is (in my humble opinion) an utter douchbag of a man. One kiss with Cameron and Reuben is scared. Scared of what could be, but also, scared of what could NEVER be. Cam is well aware of his status with the rugby team his brother plays for. He is out and PROUD and loud about it. But becoming Reuben's friend is far more important than the possibility of losing Reuben altogether. When things spiral downwards, and passion between the two men spins out of control, Reuben has to make the one choice he never wanted to: his rugby career, or Cameron. So, I make no bones that I am not a fan of first person books, especially if they are multi point of view. This book is written as such. But both Reuben and Cam have such distinct voices, it took me a while to actually figure out this was a first person book! So well done to Ms Hogan for that one. I read this book in one sitting. It's not a short book, some three hundred pages. But I started it at 7pm, and did not stop til I ran out of book. And I went through the whole gamut of human emotion and then some! I tell ya, this book has funny spots, dark spots, scary spots, sexy bits (so much with the sexy bits!) and points along the way that garnered so much rage out of me, had Reuben's father been around, that man would be flat on his back! You can't blame Reuben's brother for what he is doing to Reuben, because he really is not coping and not getting the correct help he and his son need, but I did want to punch him a time or two, too. But it's not just Reuben who has such extreme's of emotions. Cam does too. He did all the "in the closet thing" and swore never to again. Which is why he decides Reuben needs him to be his friend. But Cam's emotions run away with him, and he can't stop the avalanche of feelings he gets every time he touches Reuben, even if it's just a brush past, or something. He didn't have the difficult upbringing Reuben did, his family love him just as he is, but he can understand why Reuben is hiding. It HURTS Cam, but he gets it. But ultimately, it isn't something Reuben or Cam does that outs them, someone else does that. And the fall out?? Well, let's just say, I was very surprised about that! In a good way! There is a wedding in this book, that Cam and Reuben attend (not together!): Michael and Josh work with Cam at the hospital. Cam says some things about these two guys that make me want to go back and read THEIR book, First Impressions. It's a stand alone to this one, but my interest is piqued and I will go back, at some point, and read. THAT book is Ms Hogan's first, that I can see. And THIS one, her second. I'm a-gonna be following this one, I reckon! 5 emotional, gut wrenching stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


such a fun read

Copper Creek (Sawyer's Ferry #3) - Cate Ashwood
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book 3 in the Sawyer’s Ferry series. You don’t NEED to have read the other books, but I think you should. Not least because they are 4 and 5 stars from me, but they are really REALLY good! Frankie is Holden’s best friend. He worked for Holden’s father. When the senior Prescott was arrested, his job went down the pan with the company. Now his cousin needs him out for the new baby, and he has no job. Holden calls him to Alaska to plan his wedding to Gage. In two freaking months! Meeting the mess that is at Cooper Creek brewery send him a little in to panic mode but working with Barrett has its benefits. The man is a magnet to Frankie. Barrett also is attracted to Frankie. But Jackson will leave in two months, and Barrett has to live in Sawyer’s Ferry. This was a FUN read, but so so good! Frankie is unique and makes no bones about it. He’s loud, and proud. Barrett, however, is not. Barrett is just trying to keep his business afloat after his assistant left. He can’t manage the business and the paperwork, and he feels like he is drowning in his beer. Frankie walks into his office and Barrett’s life will never be the same again! What I particularly LOVED about this one was, while Barrett has immediate attraction to Frankie, he doesn’t act on it. And then the news that Barrett had been married, to a woman, comes out. And Barrett is not AT ALL questioning his attraction to Frankie. What he questions is whether he can KEEP Frankie. There is NO, not a single line, about him wondering if he’s gay, or bi, or has been in the closet forever. He just WANTS Frankie, and that Frankie is a man, is totally irrelevant. Loved that! It is a much lighter read than books one and two, and I loved that it was. Neither Frankie nor Barrett have any deep dark secrets, or major trauma, but Barrett’s wife did leave him. There is no violence, unless you count what Frankie wanted to do to the woman who had been sharing Barrett’s bed in Juneau (is that spelt right?) It’s sexy, oh yes ma’am it is! Frankie is a Master at the innuendo, and he makes Barrett squirm a lot! But Frankie knows what he wants, he knows what Barrett wants, even if he doesn’t say the words, and Frankie is nothing if not determined! I loved Frankie’s reaction to Barrett’s declaration of love, I really did. Not gonna say what he does, but it made me laugh so much! Some stunning scenery described here and why Holden and Gage chooses a bloody BARN over the lighthouse I will never know, (even if it was Logan’s refitted space!) but I loved what Barrett did there in the epilogue. Are there any more planned? I have the short that comes between one and two to read, and the Christmas special that Holden plans for Gage, but are there any more MAIN books planned?? I hope so! Thoroughly enjoying these stories, and hope they continue! 5 full and shiny stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


i had another hissy fit!!

Laws of Attraction (The Manx Cat Guardians #6) - JP Sayle
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book 6 in the Manx Cat Guardians series, and you really SHOULD read the other books first. There is MUCH referenced to, but not fully explained, from those books, and you will need to know what’s happened before now. And, you know, I TOLD you to! Nick has had an attraction to his brother’s best friend, Brody, since he was a child. Now, on the Isle of Man, working on Aaden and Greg’s new kitchen, with Brody in close proximity, Nick can no longer hide his feelings. Brody’s reaction to Nick at Christmas has him questioning everything he ever thought about the squirt. When a certain witchy-poo's involvement in both men’s feelings come to light, and that spell is lifted, Brody is confused about some things, but he knows this: Nick is HIS. They just need to get to the bottom of Brody’s true feelings, what Nick thinks happened all that time ago, and just how deep that witch went with her spell. So, yes, book 6, but I’ve been awaiting this one since we met Nick and Brody in book 4, Searching For A Soul to Love. Nick is Aaden’s younger brother and Brody his best friend. There were some hints to this book in that one, and a development in 12 Disasters of Christmas and this one does not disappoint! Well, it DOES, just a tad, and I’m being petty, I know but these books tend to bring out my darkest thoughts, and also the most extreme! I wanted Nick and Brody to get together FAR sooner in this book! They do get together, I just had to wait til nearly the end for the main event! Oh don’t get me wrong, its sexy, and steamy and hawt as hell in places, but for the final joining of their souls and bodies? FAR too long I had to wait! And this is why I can’t stretch to 5 stars! Everyone has a say, EVERYONE! Brody and Nick, mostly, but some of the other guys get a few minutes too. We also get a lot of that witchy-poo, Christina, and how she spelled Brody and Nick all that time ago, and WHY she did it. And now she’s paying the price for that: but she was warned! She is working off her penance, helping to find out who is trying to sabotage Greg at work and she wants her magic back. She does NOT like feeling human! Some amusing moments, though, for Christina and her body without magic. King Manannan has a say, and we get how he feels about said witch. Which was totally unexpected! I did not see that coming! There are a lot of HINTS about what Christina is to the King, and about something that her father did to her as a child, but these are not fully explained and I wanted to know! Again, the extremes these books drag out of me! I was like, JUST BLOODY TELL ME!! And Ms Sayle, in true fashion, does not tell me, and so again, I spat me dummy out and threw my toys out the pram and everything, A-BLOODY-GAIN! And we meet Ellie, and Cam, who are the stars of the next book. And even though THEY didn’t meet each other, I have a feeling their book will be quite explosive. So, write quicker, please! Because I had to wait so bloody long for the main event, and because my questions about the King and Christina are NOT answered (but I think HERE, everyone will be asking questions about those two!) I can only stretch to.. ..a hot and steamy 4 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


really rather good!

Badlands (Badlands #1) - Unabridged - Morgan Brice, Gail Z. Martin, Kale Williams
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted the audio copy of this book. Simon has run to Myrtle Beach after he lost his job and his love. Vic is there after he saw something he could not explain. There have been some murders in town, and Vic, a homicide cop, comes across Simon's ghost tours and seance shop and figures it can't do any harm, right? To ask? But as Simon and Vic get closer to each other, so the killer gets closer to Simon. And Simon doesn't think anyone can stop him, except Simon, or that he will walk away alive. I liked this! A lot! Simon is disgraced by a disgruntled parent who says he was teaching the occult, and leaves his Folklore professor job and runs to Myrtle Beach. He finds relative happiness in town, with his shop and ghost tours. Meeting Vic makes him realise he is lonely though. Helping Vic with his murders seems a natural thing to do, but that puts Simon in the cross hairs of the murderer. And also makes Simon a suspect so Vic has to take a step back from Simon and become objective in his job. It breaks his heart that he might lose Simon before he can have him, though. Simon solves the case, and has to hope that he can stop the murderer and maybe, just maybe, he can survive. Both Simon and Vic have a say, and I loved that was they are drawn to each other, right from the start, so powerfully! The attraction both men feel is off the charts, and it doesn't take them long to give into that attraction. Simon's abilities are a bit of a sticking point, but they do come through for Vic and his case. Vic doesn't want to believe, look how much trouble it caused him when he voiced what he saw in Pittsburgh, for crying out loud! But he knows, deep down, Simon is for real, and maybe, Simon is FOREVER for Vic. They just need get through this. It's a bit gruesome in places, because the crime scenes are described in some, but not great, detail. Just enough to make you cringe, and wish you could un-see the picture that comes up in your head. Sexy in places, scary in others. First of Brice I've read, and would like to read more. Kale Williams narrates. I *thought* I had listened to something else by Williams before, but I can't find what, but no matter. I really did like his narration here. There are a lot of characters with foreign accents, and Williams delivers them very well. His reading voice is clear and even, and all the voices are distinctive enough for me to follow who was speaking, without out being told. As a person with some hearing loss, this is VITAL for me to enjoy a book! I loved the way Williams gets the emotions of Simon and Vic across. Even when things were going down, and things were getting scary, Simon's love for Vic shone as the brightest emotion. Fabulous narrating! 4 solid stars for the book 4 solid stars for the narration **same worded review ill appear elsewhere**


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