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my fav of three so far!

Retribution - Sloane Kennedy
*verified Audible purchase June 2017* This is book three in the Protectors series. You don’t NEED to have read/listened to books one and two, but I think you SHOULD. It will give you a better picture of this group of people and what they do, and how Hawke came to at the head. And you know, FIVE star listens, people! For ten years, Hawke has been searching for the men who killed his wife and unborn son. Meeting Tate makes him feel again, something he didn’t think was possible. He certainly never thought it possible he would feel for a MAN. I loved books one and two, and I loved this one too! I again cannot split the narration from the story, so not even gonna try. So I apologise if this review jumps around a bit! Hawke loved his wife, bone deep, and when she was murdered, it broke. He’s spent the last ten years as head of an organisation that delivers justice to those let down by the law. The revenge for his wife’s death is a long time coming but he’s getting close and Tate is his link. His reaction to Tate is . . . unexpected. And when Hawke realises why Tate is running, his protectiveness goes into overdrive. It’s no secret I’m not a fan of READING first person books, particularly if they are multi person but I find I’m really enjoying LISTENING to first person books, ESPECIALLY if they are multi point of view! Joel Leslie is a MASTER at his craft, at narrating multi point of view, in the first person! I simply CANNOT fault the narration. The way Leslie gets every single heart wrenching thought that Hawke has: thinking about his wife, ad what his growing feelings for Tate mean. Every fear that Tate has: that his father will find him, that Hawke might hurt him, that he might lose his little boy. This is not a short listen, over 8 hours and I listened to it in one single siting. I tried to stop, I really did but I needed to know what would happen, how this would play out. It takes a single question from Ronan (Salvation, book 2) to break Hawke. The same question broke me too! And I sobbed at that point, great heart wrenching sobs at the emotion that Leslie pours out of Hawke. Of course, Leslie can only narrate the words given him, but Kennedy is fast becoming a favourite of mine. The way she intertwines multi level stories, from book to book, is amazing. Sometimes, series lose their . . .what’s the word . . .ethos, as it moves along but not so here. They hold true to their meaning, and I cannot wait to see where this series goes. I LOVE that I have 9 more books to get through BUT I’ve discovered that Michael Pauley narrates book 4, Forsaken, and I’m not sure how I feel about that! I’ll buy it, without a doubt, but it will be interesting to see how Pauley portrays the voices that Leslie has done up to now. So, because I can’t split the narration, because I listened in one day, and just bloody I can . . . 5 stars for the book 5 stars for the narration 5 stars overall


so bloody sweet, but so SO good!

Tales of Bryant - V.L. Locey
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Jumping straight in here, cos let me tell ya! This book landed on my kindle at silly o’clock on a Monday morning. I did not have to be at work for a couple of hours, so I jumped into read a few pages before I must move. And boom! Book finished before 930! I loved this book! Bar one thing, but I will come back to that. This is actually billed as four shorts, across the four seasons around Bryant Park in New York. It is, though, the story of a relationship that starts in Byrant Park, between Isamu and Brian, which spans the year. And it is so bloody sweet! I mean, any sweeter, and it would be pure sugar! Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s steamy, and sexy. It’s emotional and dreamy. It made me choke up in places and laugh in others. But my underlying feeling (ya’ll know I’m ALL about the book feelings!) was that this book was SWEET. And I LOVED it! Isamu is young, a student of film, delivering sweet treats to the park. Brian is an executive (not really clear of what, but hey, who cares!) He’s been oogling Isamu for months, and the feeling is entirely mutual. Isamu makes sure to be the one to deliver Brian’s treats to the park, just to get his own sweet fix. When Brian eventually plucks up courage to ask Isamu on a date, he jumps at the chance. The rest, they say, is history. Until that is, Brian says something that makes Isamu run. My only niggle, the thing that stopped it getting the full 5 stars? Only Isamu has a say. And I really NEEDED Brian to have a voice! Isamu makes Brian think, challenge his own rules, makes him WANT to have that relationship he swore off so long ago, and I needed to hear him say WHY Isamu does these things. And he doesn’t. I’m all for saying if a single point of view book carries the full 5 stars, but here, I really needed Brian and I don’t get him. Isamu though, is lovely! A sweet young man, trying to find his muse for his final assessment, his camera going everywhere with him. And I do mean EVERYWHERE! Loved that Brian was not at all phased by the camera in his face a huge amount of the time! This author is fast becoming a favourite of mine, and I look forward to reading more! 4 very sweet, but very good stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


straight back up to 5 stars!

Forged Contracts (Tribal Spirits #3) - Katherine McIntyre
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. When Finn left, Raven's wall came down. She had been hiding behind that wall, and Finn, for years. Now that barrier is gone, Raven had to face just why she had been hiding, or rather WHO she had been hiding from. Jeremiah didn't want to be pack beta, but Sierra choose him and he would do his best. raven at his side would be a bonus, but would she be there, when she finds out his bi-polar meds are all gone? When Raven's past comes to town, they both have to face up to what they feel for each other and join together with both the Red Rock pack AND the Silver Springs pack when that past turns deadly. This is book three is the Tribal Alliances series but all can be read as stand alones. BUT I would strongly recommend that you read at least book two, Forged Decisions, before this one. There is much in that book that has a direct impact on this one. Raven is hiding, she doesn't want to face what she really feels about Jer. When he finds out about her past, she'll be heart broken if she lets herself fall. So she used Finn, and he used Raven too, to hide from those feelings. With Finn gone, she cannot hide anymore and just one kiss explodes the mating bond between them. Raven tries hard, so very hard to not let it develop, but neither she nor Jer can deny it any longer. And it it GLORIOUS watching them fall! Emotional, dark and deadly, best describes this one! Raven's past still haunts her, and when the true horror of that becomes clear, Jer goes all Alpha-protect-whats-mine. He pulls his head out his ass and accepts Raven's help to get himself back on track, cos now, not only does his pack need him, as beta, but his MATE needs him too. It takes Jer a while to see what Raven feels, putting the pieces together not quite fast enough, but he does get there in the end. Raven manages to overcome her past in the most bloody way! The past she had been hiding, the one she didn't want anyone to know about, isn't so much of a secret from Sierra, since she is pack Alpha and Sierra makes Raven see that we all have a past. And that's where it needs to stay, in the PAST. A previous baddie makes (mostly) good here and I wonder if he will get a book. Be nice, I think, for him to come full circle. He's not the next one, that book belongs to Lucas, of the East Coast Tribe and the Landsliders will be back, making much trouble again! We slipped a bit from 5 for book one, to 4 stars for book two, but I had no idea why. This one, however, shoots straight back up to 5 stars! One sitting read, and it ain't a short book! 5 full and shiny stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


nice easy reads

Lionhearts: Part Two Box Set - Elizabeth Coldwell
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of these books. Into The Arena Cesare has been banished from his pride after his uncle cheated in a leadership fight. Finding work on a food truck headed from a for set seemed too good to be true. Finding Hayden as the star AND his fated mate, made Cesare think that maybe he wasn't supposed to win the fight at all. But Hayden has a stalker, and things turn deadly. Can Cesare keep his human mate safe, and will Hayden accept Cesare's lion half? This is book 4 in the Lionhearts series and I have not read the other books. I did not feel I was missing anything, and so will say these are stand alones, with interconnecting characters, rather than a follow on series. I liked this one. It did not blow me away, but right now, personally, this was JUST what I needed to read. It's well told, with both Cesare and Hayden having a say. There is enough history for each of them, but not enough to be overwhelming in a short book. Well, I say SHORT, but it's still 176 pages! Didn't feel like it though! I loved that we got some of the stalker too! They have their say in a couple of places, and I do love getting into the mind of the baddie! Did NOT see who that might have been, or rather, I had an idea, but was way off base. It's quite sexy. There is a scene with Hayden getting down and dirty with his boyfriend BEFORE he and Cesare meet. Then Hayden and Cesare get down to it really quickly after meeting! Not sure how I feel about the first, but loved the second. Nice easy read, and just the thing to pass a wet sunday afternoon, while nursing a very real hangover! 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere** Pride Under Fire Book 5 in the Lionheart series, and there is a pop up from Cesare and Hayden (book 4) which was nice! Connor punched his commanding officer, and is shifted out to a town in the middle of nowhere, that needs a full time fire fighter. Andy is a detective in said town. Andy is human, Connor is not. Can Connor keep his mate safe, while the town burns around them? Again, an easy read, that was just what I needed! Connor knows he did wrong, punching his superior, but he won't apologise. Being shipped out was probably the best thing that happened to him, since he meets his mate. But Andy is human and lions don't mate with humans, do they?When there are several fires in town, in abandoned buildings, both Connor and Andy have to investigate. Then the bodies start piling up, and they know the arsonist has to be stopped , and soon. There were several throw away comments that made me put the clues together for who the arsonist was very early on, and it was great to see it unfold the way I thought it would. Again, the guys get down and dirty very early on, and I did like that here. BUT The general way the story goes is almost identical to book 4, Into The Arena. It's very VERY similar in that the human half gets taken, and the lion half comes to the rescue, mostly in the same way too! Still, I did enjoy this as much as book 4, and I did read them back to back. 4 stars Animal Passions This is book 6 and for ME, the weakest of the three I've read. Here's why: It follows an almost identical plot line to the other two. Human half has sex with *someone* then goes off and meets mate. Mate and human get down and dirty right quick (did not like that here!) danger threatens human, lion reveals himself. human is taken by *stalker/arsonist/psycho editor assistant* and lion comes to the rescue. the end. So, I'm sorry, but no, this one did not work for me. I only gave it 3 stars because I DID finish it, and it was touch and go for a while. Maybe if I had NOT read them back to back, this one would have worked better, but I did read them back to back, and this is how I feel. And I'm all about the book feelings. Sorry! 3 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


bloody loved this!

Her Lord of Death (A Mythic World Romance) - Kyla D. Knight
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. I'm not writing a blurby bit here, gonna jump straight in! I bloody loved this! So many layers, so much betrayal and back stabbing. Such pain for Acheron in his past, his present, and as he sees, his future. Kora is a woman he can never have, then he does, but still he can't. Cryptic, I know but I ain't doing spoilers! And so, so many plot twists, I did not see any of them coming at me! I loved that Acheron knew he was damaged, possibly beyond repair, but still he tries to make Kora see, to SEE that damage, in the only way he knows how: with violence. But KORA?? Kora SEES Acheron. She sees the man behind the rumours and whispers. She sees the man behind the scars, and finally, she SEES why Acheron does what he does to push her away and it makes her love him even more. She makes Acheron SEE, that there is more to life than pain. And when WE find out why? Well, lets just say I bawled my eyes out. You get hints and snippets as to why Acheron reacts the way he does, but you don't get the full picture. Oh you put the clues together well enough, but really? Not enough. Nowhere NEAR enough. After we get the full picture of what Acheron endured while in in Crete at the hands of Minos, it's a wonder the man is even sane! As Oz, Acheron's approximation of a best friend pointed out, he only had two years there, and Acheron had TEN years fighting for his life almost every day. Suffices to say, this carries some dark story lines, but to say what they are would be spoilers. If you want to know, please message me, I'll tell you. Some readers may have triggers. There is a little bit at the back of this, about how THIS book was Knight's first book, not Beautiful Beast. About how much of a battle Knight had with it. I'm so bloody glad she won that battle! It's also billed as A Mythic World Romance. No idea what comes next, but I really wanna read it! 5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


not sure I liked Ryker!

Ryker - V.L. Locey, R.J. Scott
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. **This review will be short, I really dislike writing the three star reviews!** Ryker is hockey royalty, coming up as 4th generation championship winning players. Jacob works his family farm with his mum and dad. Both end up at hockey camp for the summer, and are polar opposites in most things. Sharing a room brings them closer, then camp is over and they are on opposite sides of the country. When Ryker switches college to be closer to Jacob, will Jacob let him? I can't put my finger on why this one didn't work for me, and ya'll know how much that does my head in! So, here's what I DID like. Both Jacob and Ryker have their say, so we get both sides of the coin. Both voices are clear and very different, and their voice is in the first person. Each change is clearly headed, and comes as the chapter changes. I saw no spelling or editing errors to spoil my reading. I tagged it as a short read, because it does NOT seem as long as the billed 196 pages! One sitting read, too. There are some characters from the series this one spins off, and that makes me want to go back and read THEIR series, or at least, Jared and Ten (Ryker's dad and step dad) stories. I just . . . .DON'T know what didn't work! Or at least, that was what I thought when writing this review. Now I'm typing it up, I *think* it might be Ryker himself. I dunno, maybe. Possibly. So, gonna leave it at that. 3 good solid but maybe not for me, stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


Dane needed a say!

Snowed In: Dane and Heath - Rafe Jadison
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Dane is a good boss, until he makes Heath stay late and they get caught in a snow storm of epic proportions. But after a few beers and some secrets, Dane and Heath find they have more in common that they thought, and neither can deny it any longer. CUTE!! My first thoughts on finishing this book was, needs to go on the "too stinking cute" shelf! It's rather sweet, with a little bit of sexy time, some secrets exposed, not overly emotional, but enough emotion comes across in the right places. All the descriptions of the weather, what's happening outside, when the car nearly crashes into the tree, they all came across beautifully, and I reacted verbally to some parts. I don't usually, when reading, but do when listening. But when the car went skidding?? I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Phew, when it stopped! Only Heath has a say, though, and I think that's why I gave it 4 stars and not 5. Even for such a short book, some 48 pages, if Dane had had a say, if we had gotten into his mind, I think this might have been a 5 star read. Dane has a lot to say here, and not all of it is voiced. I have one teeny tiny comment about the editing though. In one particular place, Dane's is transposed for Heath's name. I carried on reading, not really noticing UNTIL something happen that DANE did to HEATH, which had happened where the names got mixed up. Just a comment, is all. Really REALLY cute read, and the first I have read of this author. I'd like to read more, something longer with more bite, a bit more in depth. 4 solid stars (but really only cos Dane doesn't have his say) **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


totally blew me away!

Saved (Breaking Free #1) - A.M. Arthur
I was shared this book, via Amazon's family and friends thingie. I will be honest here, cos that's what reviewing is all about. I only picked this book to read as a "palette cleanser" an easy read, just for fun, between two heavier books. It sounded just what I needed so I jumped in, expecting a light fluffy read, that wasn't very long. How wrong I was, because I started this book at 10.15pm and did not stop til I ran out of at 130 am and I had to be up for work at 6am! I freaking LOVED this book! It totally came out of left field and blew me away! I mean, so much so, I made sure I had book two, which was also shared with me, and I purchased books three and four, so I was ready to go! I haven't come across this author before, but by God they are on my hit list now! This book is set in the Omegaverse, there are no females and only certain pairings can produce children: alphas and omegas. But omegas are treated badly, as second class citizens, and Braun and his brother Kell suffer. First at the hands of their father, and later, Kell at the hands of his husband. So it's understandable that Braun be scared of Tarek and what he represents: a lot of suffering for Braun. But Tarek is of a growing breed of Alpha, those who believe omegas should be treasured, not trod down. After all, their race would die out in two generations without any omegas. And Tarek LISTENS to Braun, wants to know if he can help when his heat hits. And Braun tells him: come ONLY when called for, NO knotting and condoms every time. And when Tarek abides by Braun's wishes, Braun knows he can be a trusted ally. The omegas rescued from the group home need one. Braun's brother needs one, and the newborn, but missing nephew of Braun needs one too. Like I said WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY outta left field and totally blew me away! It's dark: carries a strong abuse line, both from a parent and a spouse. The abuse Kell suffers goes far beyond the beatings Braun knows about (the full story doesn't come clear til Kell's book, I've already read that one on writing this review, and it is horrific) But so well told, sensitively. Tarek knows this happens, what happens to omegas at the hands of their spouses but he hates that it does. He knows he needs to help, starting with Braun. It's emotional: the abuse line not withstanding, what Braun starts to feel very early for Tarek, as the bonds develop between them, hits him hard and he fights! He fights it so bloody hard! To be fair, they both do, and it's quite hard reading, what they go through before they get there. It's sexy: I mean two guys? Always gonna float my boat! But refer to above: just because it's hot and heavy, doesn't mean it doesn't have the emotions along with it. Once Braun and Tarek give in to the bonds, they are IN, totally, emotionally and physically. Both Braun and Tarek have a say, and their voices are strong and clear and so very well written. I'm starting to gush and I don't want to, but just know this: I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK! I am not ashamed to admit I was wrong, what I expected from this book was so very NOT what I got out of it, and I mean that in a very positive way! But it's not an easy read, at all, and you need to be prepared for what is here. Some readers might have triggers, I don't, but some points made for difficult reading. Not the writing, just the level of abuse that is systematic for the omegas in this world. But with Tarek and his friends, maybe, just maybe, they can start to change things. I gotta stop, I'll be writing all day! 5 very unexpected, but bloody amazing stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


not quite as good as book one

Touch Of A Yellow Sun (Colors of Love #2) - V.L. Locey
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Marek has been sent a lower league after one too many outbursts on the ice. He knows this could be his last posting. After yet another outburst, Marek is forced to try to lower his anger levels and who better than the most lovely neighbour of his, Shey, who just happens to be the owenr of a yoga studio? Helps that Shey pushes all of Marek's buttons, but does Marek push Shey's? Can Marek get his temper under control enough to help Shey when his past comes back to haunt him? I really enjoyed this one second book in the Colors of Love series, not quite as much as book one though! My only gripe (and this WILL make you laugh once you read my review for Lost In Indigo!) was that only Marek has a say! Told ya! I'll explain. In my review for Indigo, I said that Ms Locey has a way of negating my dislike of single point of view but strong voiced characters. And while Marek has a strong voice, it's not AS strong as Matt in Indigo, and here, I really missed that! I have NO clue why Marek isn't up to muster cos the man has a LOT to say: about his hockey, his career, his attraction to Shey, his feelings (once they hit him square in the face!) for Shey, and just how he feels about that cat! It's maybe just Marek himself, who didn't push MY buttons, maybe it's just me, I dunno! I hate not being able to say! I did enjoy the way Shey's home crept up on Marek, very quickly, he was calling Shey's apartment, HIS home. I loved Shey's history, and his grandma! The twist with the past was a surprise, and I loved how Marek handled that, even if it cost him so much. Shey really is his whole world! Other than the hockey theme, and the colours in the titles, I'm not sure I see a commen thread, but is Arn, Marek's agent, the same one that is Matt's agent?? The name rang a bell, is all! I'm sorry this is far shorter than my usual fayre, I'm not doing so well with my reading at the moment, and my reviews are few and far between. A very VERY good. . . . 4 star read **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


too stinking cute AND warm and fuzzies!

A Late Summer Night's Dream - Eleanor Harkstead, Catherine Curzon
A mix up with pocus leads Simeon and Anthony to have a bit of an uncomfortable first half, but after the interval, they share a giggle, and after the play, they share a pie and a pint. It's clear they want each other, but Anthony is still hurting following the death of his husband 4 years ago. Can the much younger Simeon unfreeze his heart? I came across the book on Facebook, and something called to me about it, not exactly sure what, but you know I'm all about sharing my book feelings and I felt this book PULLED me. And I'm so glad it did! Simeon is late for the play and finds someone else in "his" seat. Only they aren't. Seat Sixteen is just the the of man who makes Simeon swoon and after the interval, they bond over the bad acting on stage. Simeon makes a move and takes Anthony home. But Anthony runs and Simeon's heart is broken. Why he runs, is because he is still hurting after his husband died and Anthony has been alone since then. That much is obvious. But meeting Simeon knocks Anthony off his axis and it scares him. At least, that's what I think. Because Anthony doesn't get a say, only Simeon, and that's why I knocked that star off. I wanted Anthony to explain how he was feeling in more depth, especially his reaction to Simeon, to the visit to the pub, and after, at Simeon's flat. I needed him, and I didn't get him. It's not overly explicit, just the right amount for these two. It's not about the sex between them, it's more about the love that blooms, so very quickly. And it is quick! Two meetings, is all but I liked that here. Plonking itself firmly on both the warm and fuzzies AND too stinking cute shelf, I thoroughly enjoyed this and hope to read more by this pair of authors, maybe something longer and more in depth. 4 solid stars, but ONLY because Anthony doesn't get a say! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


good start for a first time author!

Missing Pieces (The White Creek #1) - Tori Fox
Independent reviewerfor Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. I'm a bit in two minds about this book, and I can't figure out why but I'll try. It's a Nice book. I know I hate using that word but it's the best I can come up with! It has drama, passion, love, hate, lots of different emotions with just enough of each to not be overpowering. I will say this, only Harper has a say. In the first person AND present tense. And it took me til way past halfway to figure out it was present tense, so well done to Fox for making me NOT see something that might have made me dump it! I did need to hear from Easton though. I think he would have had a lot to say, especially about what he's dealing with, with his sisters and his nutty ex. And I found out after I'd read this, that this is a first time author! So very well done to Fox for this book, even if it wasn't quite my cuppa tea. I enjoyed it, it didn't quite push any buttons for me, BUT! I would like to read the next one, just to see how Fox' skill is growing. And Easton's sister really could be an interesting character! 3 GOOD solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


kinda cute, for a holiday story!

Professional Courtesy - J.V. Speyer
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Eric isn't having to best start to the college year. His mum showed up to live with him, and he's gotta share his office at work with the new guy in the English department. Now his mum wants Eric to immerse himself in all the Christmas traditions that she did as a child. But Eric is not a holiday person, Eric likes order and peace and calm so to appease his mother, and to get to know Mike, he invites Mike to dinner. His mum will be happy, Mike can talk to her in her native German, and Eric will have his peace and calm. So why does it feel like a storm is brewing inside him, one that might break his heart? Too stinking cute and warm and fuzzies all wrapped up in some 70 odd pages and I rather enjoyed this! It's very well told, from both Eric and Mike's point of view, and they both have distinctive voices, mostly due to their earlier experiences in life. Eric's life has been handed to him on a platter, but Mike had a difficult childhood. Sending your child across the world because you prefer your drug dealer is bad enough but what happened to Mike as a teenager is truly shocking. The attraction between Mike and Eric grows steadily and they come together just the once, which is why I gave it the contemporary tag I did but it's a sexy book! I'm not usually one for the holiday stories but while this one is set around Christmas, it's not shoved in your face on every page! I'm a bit of a Scrooge really! This is only the second book I've read of Speyer and they've both been on the short side. I'd like to read something longer, something with more bite. She can write a lot into a few pages, so I'm curious what would happen in a longer book. 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


fantastic start to a new series!

For Fox Sake (Fetish Alley #1) - Susan Mac Nicol
I was gifted my copy of this book direct from the author, that I write a review was not required. We met Tate and Clay properly in their book, Feat of Clay, in the Men of London series. This is the first in their own spin off series. It would probably help for you to read that book before this one. It will give you a better understanding of what both Tate and Clay went through before this book. That book for me is a brilliant 5 star read. As is this one! Granted, this is a much lighter read, with some very funny laugh out loud moments, particularly between Tate and the club owner, Relio. The fact that he is Clay's ex brings out the green eyed monster in Tate and he knows it, but he can't help himself! The dead customer of Relio's club is why he called Clay, along with Tate, to partake of their investigations business. Clearly, the people involved were hiding something, they just need to figure out what. Enter, if you will, Fetish Alley. Relio's club is at the end of the alley that caters to all things fetish. Some you'll have heard of, some not. A collection of shops selling all manner of naughty things await those who enter. But there is still a possible murder to solve, and Tate and Clay need to get to the bottom of it. I loved the little one or two liners at the beginning of each chapter, which look like text messages between Tate and Clay. They proper made me chuckle! Loved the "old man" digs that Clay gets since he turns 40 during the course of the book. LOVED the pop up by Draven, Jax and Dare from the other books in the Men of London series. And I absolutely need more of Tomas and Relio! I've no idea what happened between them here, but clearly SOMETHING did. And THEIR book (please let them have their own book, PLEASE!) is gonna be fun! Considering where the book is set around, I didn't find it as explicit as some of Ms Mac Nicol's book but it IS sexy and hot. The fact that Tate and Clay are a well established couple makes a huge difference. Yes, there are sex scenes, but mostly you got shut down at the good bits! Loved that though! A fantastic new series, I look forward to following what happens next, both in the Alley, the club and with Tate and Clay. 5 stars, that are still speckled with paint! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


loved this!

Lost in Indigo (Colors of Love #1) - V.L. Locey
Faced with the end of his hockey career, Mathieu goes home to heal. His long time friend brings his 20 year old son to help Matt around. But Matt is not prepared fro how he feels about Indigo, especially as he has managed to keep his sexuality a secret. But Indigo is a unique young man, genderflux, out and proud. Can Matt recover enough to play again, can he and Indigo be happy in secret? Ordinarily, I would say here that I wanted to hear from both main characters. Indigo does not have a voice here, and ORDINARILY that would be a major gripe of mine. BUT!! I actually rather enjoyed this, with only Matt having a say! I made a new shelf for it and everything! Matt is deep in the closet, he knows it, and up to now, has just made do. Breaking his leg, and going back to Canada and meeting the now grown up Indigo again makes Matt question a lot of things. And as time goes on, he realises that maybe being in the closet is not a good thing, especially when he wants Indigo in his life, and Indigo wants to be in that life, but Indigo will NOT be a dirty secret. I loved that Matt has a dawning revelation about Indigo. His feelings grow, over time, but Indigo was all in, right from the start! Loved that his NEIGHBOUR, of all people, had Matt sussed, right from way back when they first met, but his AGENT, who knew him so much longer, had not a clue! I loved that Indigo's dad, Matt long time friend, was, while not totally against Matt and Indigo being together, he was "don't hurt my boy, or I'll break the other leg" on Matt. Papa Bear at his very best! I loved that, when called on it, Indigo gives Matt a deadline, and Matt delivers! Loved the way he does that! I read another series by this author, The Point Shot trilogy, and I said in that review, that I loved it because it was single person point of view, so Ms Vocey has a way of negating my dislike of single person points of view, with strong minded, loud voiced characters! I need MORE of this author, I really do! There are a few pages of hockey commentary, I skipped those, I'm not any kinds of sports fan, at all, but I didn't feel I missed anything by doing so. Just don't hate me! 5 full and shiny stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


not sure this is one for me,

Secret Lady (Ladies in Time, #3) - Beth Trissel
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Evie is staying with her grandmother, and she hears whispers from the closet in her room. Then, in a blink of an eye, things changed and she was right back in the middle of the American Civil War. Specifically, a week before the whole valley her grandmother's house sits in is razed to the ground. A certain solider steals her heart, but there are things keeping them apart, again, and this time, Jack might not make it. I read this, I finished this, I'm still not sure it was the book for me though! It's a good book, don't get me wrong, but I don't know if it was THIS book, or the author's style, or what didn't work for me, I really don't. So forgive me, if this review is short. I struggle the hardest to write these sorts of reviews. I liked that both Evie and Jack have a voice, and those voices are very distinct. Not just in the difference between the male and the female voice, but in the TIME difference too. Evie is very much the modern woman, and Jack very much a man of the 1860's with all their rules, and words, and ways of talking. Made me chuckle in a couple of places. It is CLEAN, just some kissing between Jack and Evie. It's also, for being set around that time, relatively free from on-screen violence. It IS there, but nothing graphic or explained in any great detail. I liked the twist that Jack and Evie had been together before, and this was the house's doing to bring them back together. I just *insert heavy sigh* found it an okay read, and I can't even voice why. And for that, I'm sorry. Someone will LOVE this book, unfortunately, that someone is not me. A good 3 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


get the tissues ready, you'll need them!

At War with a Broken Heart - Dahlia Donovan
Davet and his younger brother moved to Bideford, in Cornwall to be away from their abusive parents. Davet runs a coffee shop and Fie goes every day for his coffee before starting in his pottery shop. Sid is a local police officer who also frequents the coffee shop, mostly when Fie is there too. All three men have crushed on each other for several years. When Davet is dealt a devastating blow, Fie and Sid have to rally round Davet, to keep the younger man from crumbling. Can they really make this work, the three of them? I was warned, you know? Warned that I would need a box of tissues, for this one and boy did I need them! Davet's blow is shocking in it's extreme, and it broke my heart for him. But also, for Fie and Sid, watching their man ( and they WERE a three, even before they voiced it!) fall apart around them and not really being able to help. BUT Davet's parents turning up galvanised them into doing what DAVET needed, rather than what they thought they should be doing, if that makes sense? It's mmt overly explicit for a three way book, but that's not needed here. HERE it's about three men falling in, and acting on that love, even if it takes a tragedy for them to see it. That loves shines right from the start and it really is a joy to watch them fall, almost one after the other, like dominoes! All three men have their say, so we get it all. We get Fie's dawning realisation to what Davet might feel for him, and how he deals with his survivors guilt, or not most days. We get Davet's heartbreak, but equally his joy when they finally give in to each other and how HE deals with everyone and everything in his own way. And we get Sid and his internal wrangling with himself over his relationship with his dad, and whether the three of them can REALLY be together. It's full of Ms Donovan's witty one liners, quirky characters and her damaged and tortured men. Ms Donovan's boys do like to play with their food and I'm so glad we got a little food fight here! I started this book at 10.15pm, after a long busy shift at work, full of a nasty cold. A few pages before sleep, is the lie you tell yourself and the next thing you know, it's 2.30am, your head is pounding, and you've ran out of book. So, it can only get . . . 5 full and shiny stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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